this is weird

I am no longer in middle school. [Pauses for a minute, not sure where to go from here.]

I am DONE! I am done done done.

[Types and retypes and deletes many attempts at reflection.]

I can't reflect, really. If I think about it too hard I get sad, which is WEIRD, and I feel like that scene in Ghost World where Enid is like "we'll never see Dennis again," and Rebecca is like, "good," and Enid is like, "no, think about it, that's actually really sad," and then the person yelling at the TV (me) is like "WHY DOES THIS MOVIE GET EVERYTHING RIGHT?" The most confusing thing is that I want to learn and think about a lot of things but I also want to be a little kid that doesn't think about stuff that much and can just worry about fort-building and such. But now I am overthinking! So I will stop, and leave you with a GIF that illustrates my attitude when I drove past the middle school last night after graduating and then getting an electric guitar:Anyway, howsabout a retrospective? Which will probably interest no one but me? (I do one of these for 8th grade but not 2009? When did my priorities get like that? Why am I suddenly so nostalgic?)Made 8th grade inCREASingly easier.
In September I was lucky to attend the Weardrobe blogger conference where I met the GREATEST people. We stayed at the Gramercy Park Hotel, and I shared a room with Belle, which would only mean the above image.
yay new camera, yay new hair
My blue hair! Which I kind of miss.Eye-opening and life-changing (and very responsible for the recent electric guitar purchase that I mentioned. Oh, did I ever post about how when I was last in New York, Marisa came to our hotel room and we watched Daria and realized we are both Norwegian Jews and talked about first kisses and ate Haribo cola gummies? Also kind of a milestone.)
Three things in this picture: that Miu Miu collection (tied with McQueen Spring for my favorite of all 2010 seasons,) my red Chanel lipstick (in my pencil case, always,) and dressing/makeuping like Courtney Love. Which brings me to:
Oh, dude.

Um, that's it. The keyword here is ANGST, I suppose.
That was really anticlimactic. Also this blog will become less like a diary soon. Happy summer to everyone. (Clearly, graduating middle school has not erased ANY of my awkwardness.)


le Blogueur said...

Congrats on graduating middle school! I feel so old compared to you and I'm only 18 haha. Enjoy your childhood while you can and congrats on everything you've accomplished this past school year!

Riot Nrrd said...

You're so much cooler than I was in middle school. Growing up is sad... But I have a feeling you'll have a good time :D

Anonymous said...

congratulations on graduating! I am sure you will have a great high-school experience. I still cannot get over how far you have come these past couple of years.
You are a huge inspiration.
Love Poppy
my fashion blog: The Culture Kitten
comment or follow :)

K.O. said...

Du er norsk? What?! I'm excited for you about the new guitar. Riot grrrrrrrrrl.

Moira Pineda said...

congrats to you and your being a graduate =D nice hair xD


Lisa said...

Yay congrats.. and on too summer!

Miss Tami Lee said...

Dude, the complete Daria series is available FINALLY. I hope you're as excited as I am :)

Anonymous said...

woooooooo, have fun in the 9th grade

Kaila said...

yay!! high school is here!!! :-/

zoomslow said...

For those about to rock...

Rikki G. Reynolds said...

You should think of what your Song of the Year was. I've done it for every [school] year [which is awkward since I graduated high school and my 'school year' isn't measured the same, I still call one 'year' the period between fall and spring].

I've done it since I was younger than you, about 9 years now. I know the official song I chose for every year--based on both listening histories and compatibility. Basically, for whatever reason, the songs that summed up that year. I usually throw together a mix, but there's always a definitive song. And I think it's almost always been totally obvious to me, too.

You won't regret it if you start doing it now.

alexandra. said...

you and i are the same age. i also graduated middle school and i feel like we have the same mind. yet, i still look up to you :)

Sarah Dee said...

Congrats on leaving middle school behind! I totally felt the same way leaving high school but you get over it really fast... btw your the only newly dubbed freshmen I know who wears chanel lipstick! so extra kudos for your awesomeness!


Mathilda said...

congrats, Tavi!!

hahahah, I didn´t know Gramercy Park Hotel is as haunted as the hotel the Shinning. Très chic , mademoiselle.

I miss your blue hair too!


little ghost said...

i love how this blog is diary like! don't change it!

congratulations on graduation, and good luck in high school.

Simona said...

Congrats Tavi! Good luck in Highschool!:) & Keeeeep blogggging!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

You know what's cool? Alot of these were my saviours in High School too. Which is weird because I graduated 10 years ago. But I guess it just means that they are timeless.

Congratulations. Can't wait to see pictures of you shredding it up with your guitar.

Vanessa said...

What movie is the GIF of the two people in the cafeteria twirling/eating food from? I feel silly asking, but the girl looks so familiar and I'm so drawing a blank.

Also: congrats on graduating middle school!

mademoiselle créative said...

Amazing blog!

Catharina said...

What?! Norwegian x)? I kinda froze on that sentence of yours.

DWR said...

Wow. I was only two years older than you when Live Through This came out.

Still in my top 50 albums of all time. I used to scream about living in Olympia because I felt it reflected the tedium of my suburban existence.

Some things never change.

Unknown said...

this is like the friggin beginning of the end or the end of the beginning whichever way you wanna put it! life is only gonna get harder and even "funner" (not a word) from here on out. its good/healthy you gotta blog and hundreds and thousands of people who support you from all over the dang world to vent and let it all out to. keep showing the real you gworl! it'll get farther than you had ever imagined!

Anonymous said...

every end is a new beginning and by being able to put your feelings and overthoughts out there it gets better. i really enjoyed this post!

Unknown said...



Fourth Daughter said...

ooh before I get to what I was going to say.. the Japanese blogger above me said 'that red lipstick really suits you! ... should I write in English?'... well they didn't have to because I dropped in! Japanese-English translator at your service!
Anyway congrats on graduating...
I keep meaning to rewatch the Wayne's World films, if only to see Cassandra, who some (delusional) people seem to think I resemble...

Kirsty said...

congrats tavi.
ghost world, daria and freaks and geeks also sum up my schooling experience (the social side of it anyway), but i have to say, you and arabelle as the twins is scaring the bejeezus out of me more than the film ever did!

aps + lou said...

cutie pie.


Anonymous said...

this makes me all very sad but i guess we cant stop and good luck on the guitar i can play (abit) and yh

Stine Kolbeinsen said...

Congratulations :)
& I really miss Daria... and Ghost World gets everything right because it's just so freakin' awesome.
That animated gif (or whatever) under the Daria-picture - ...where's that from? Don't think I've seen it here (in Norway).


Moira Pineda said...

oh, btw! good luck on playing the electric guitar, surviving the summer, and highschool ;D


Sanna said...

Congratz! BTW, I like awkward...

Unknown said...


Super post, LOve it <3

meohmycaroline said...

but the diary-esque-ness (er...) of this blog is so refreshing and lovely!

Anonymous said...


I love your blog and have been checking it for a year. I love the way you play with fashion and try crazy things !

I'm organising a "Funny Fashion" contest on my blog: send me a funny picture of yourself or someone else funny yet fashionable, the purpose is to show that fashion can be a fun thing and anyone can create its own !

My blog is more about my music then fashion if you want to take a look and participate to the contest here is the link:

I would LOVE to see a pic !



garakami said...

After I read the whole "my blog will become less than a diary" I yelled out, like a shot lion, "NOOOOOOOO!"


The whole diary read is exactly why I keep coming back. It's like having you inside me head, even though I can't really hear you, voice wise, but I know it's Tavi, and Tavi's talking, and when Tavi talks she's so damn interesting and funny!

Speaking of funny, I like your amalgam of pictures that represent your last year of middle school! I remember how excited I was, but not once would I like to go back to that time. Probably have something to do with all the crazy girls and stupid boys, and me being the only one who wasn't trying to have sex with anything that moved ... Anyway! Congratulations. I can't wait to hear about high-school. I don't wanna shoot you down, but ... Yea, more diaries from you to come! S'all I can say!


Adele said...

I think I am getting a serious girl crush on you. I love your writing and your all-round amazingness. Happy graduation, and make sure you just shrug off that weird-sad-bittersweet feeling or just give it the moment of bittersweet reflection it demands and then move on. It's more exciting than sad.

Camilla said...

Electric guitar? Lucky.
I had the urge to finally learn guitar yesterday, so I could rock out like Slash (or someone who rocks out equally as much) then I realised the guitar hadn't been tuned in months.
There goes that pipe dream.
And that Miu Miu shoot was relatively epic.

and go to - SHE DID AN AMAZING DRAWING OF YOU! (You might have to scroll back a few pages to find it.

And congrats on graduating :)
when I graduated to High-school David Craig was there for his daughter. Potentially the only moment in my life I've been speechless.


Isabella said...

I love the photo hwere you are dressed by Miu Miu it's just: mskjdfhlsdh

Kat said...

congrats tavi :) don't worry, you're still a kid really. i act WAY to immature for an 18 year old (but look about 12 so i get away with it:P)
hope you enjoy high school :D or junior high?

Rozie said...

"Less like a diary"? Oi, that makes me sad - I have loved your sharing. Still, I understand; at your level of readership there becomes more and more reasons why you would want to keep your personal life personal. Whatever this decision means for the future of your blog, thank you for continuing to put so much heart into it.

Melanie said...

I felt just like you do now when I was graduating middle school. It was like getting ready for something HUGE, even though I would just be going to school in the building just next door for the next four years. I loved middle school, this post makes me feel nostalgic.

ruby said...

what does that mean then you will be going to secondary school?? your 14 right?
I am too and I'm in year 9 in england so its weird.

Samantha Nandez said...

Ahhh high school. Let the games begin!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, but the diary parts of this blog are lovely! I mean I'd like to see more of your outfits, mostly cause they're so inspiring, but I sort of think of that as the diary part as well.
When I was 14 I was sort of chubby so I had limited outfit choices and I wasn't "cute and original" but "creepy and possibly abused", but I managed to be less like that by the time I was 15. So here's hoping you enjoy future a little bit more every year.

SarahPeslar said...

Wow that's the exact way I felt when I graduated schhol, your going to do amazing things in high school!

Let's keep the fashion talents growing?

km. said...

Growing up!! Congrats on finishing another year or school. Hope you have a great summer.

You're blue hair was great! You should bring it back

Nemerae said...

I have exams until july, the 3rd =(
Miu Miu ss 2010+ McQ + red lipstick = fierce!!

Makenzie said...

Oh Tavi, your blog posts help me get through the day. You are incredible. I wish I was as cool as you were when I was graduating middle school. Alas, I still wore my hair in a scrunchie. Every. Day.

Maia said...

I am so happy for you Tavi. Seeing your biggest fan graduate from middle school with all of her knowledge and success makes me so incredibly happy (even though you are a bit older than me). I am going to do a whole post in which i also look back on my past 3 years at a new school and i hope you stop buy and check it out.


allie said...

Congrats, Tavi! Looking forward to your thoughts on high school...

Emily said...

Yaaaa girl! Congratulations! I'm right there with you- about to graduate college and suddenly feeling all nostalgic!!

Keep on doing amazing things. I know that's what I'm going to be doing.

Stella said...

Congrats! As a 26 year old looking back (I feel ancient LOL) I can tell you middle school was perhaps one of the most awkward periods of my life. Once in high school I began to settle in more with who I am. Also my fashion sense got significantly better, so I can only imagine how your fashion sense will evolve in the coming years..exciting stuff!
happy summer!

Steve said...

Your Japanese fan up there (tedexi1988) said: "The red lipstick really suits you, do you write this in English?"

(I feel obligated to translate, as that is my only useful skill)

@tedexi1988: その写真は,この人のスタイルを真似る:

Orphin Lasz said...

I hope you will have lots of fun in highschool ; u ;

~ Orphin's Domains ~

WendyB said...

I like that you're a young red lipstick convert. Get 'em while they're young, that's what I always say.

WendyB said...

I like that you're a young red lipstick convert. Get 'em while they're young, that's what I always say.

christie! said...

So I know you are famous and probably had more fun during the middle school years than most, but let me tell you after this bout of nostalgia goes away you will never want to return to middle school. Ever. High school is way more fun and everyone matures (a little), then college is one thousand times better than that! So good luck, next year will be far more awesome than 8th grade if your experience follows the usual trends. :)

Unknown said...

yeah to graduating 8th grade!!!! You must go and listen to yesterday's broadcast of Fresh air on NPR. John Waters was the guest and he has a new book out about role models and 1 of his is Rei Kawakubo. He was discussing her sense of fashion and it was hysterical. I thought of you immediately.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Tavi!

Jessy said...

I also just graduated from middle school this week!
Congratulations to both of us.

Alison said...

Congrats on finishing middle school. I love that you're keeping all the stuff I loved when I was in high school alive!

Maxens M. Finch said...

I like your diary-like entries.
Good luck for high school!

auxiliary beauty said...

Write about whatever you like! Don't feel compelled to be a fashion blogger just because people know you as one.

Siiri said...

your blog is great!! It's famous here in Finland :)

Esti said...

Congratulations! Being able to look back on middle school with nostalgia already is rather an accomplishment... I hated it and couldn't wait to get out. But now I'm in graduate school (several graduations past junior high, clearly) and I'm still totally awkward and still spend an inordinate amount of time watching Daria, but with a much better appreciation for the awesome aspects of my youth and a lot of excitement for the present as well as the future. And I've learned to love the awkwardness, because it's just a part of life. Not that much changes... I dyed half my hair red when I was 14 and then pink when I was 23, and it was equally exciting both times. I'm rather jealous of your blue hair, though...

I've been reading forever and you always impress me with your maturity, best of luck with the rest of growing up!

Alyssa said...

Party on, Tavi.

In the blink of an eye you'll be graduating from college (as I did this year). I'm sure you'll handle it as gracefully and with as much creativity as you do everything else!

cancercowboy said...

yep, changes like that are always a little scary, cause you gotta let go of stuff that you got used to, and you don't know yet what exactly will take its place. but you'll manage that. and congrats on your latest acquisition; given your last year, you'll most likely open for the White Stripes in 12 months ^____^

Little Miss Violet said...

Holey cheese!! YOur'e already done school? I'm not done until the end of June!
I think I'll do one of these posts at the end of the year. I can't wait to be FREEEEEEEEE.

Unknown said...


First congratulations on the "high 5" from Fast Company.

I know many may not care but I do. You have started using invectives more, to my dismay. I believe that beauty of life is held not merely in our possessions (the better, the better). I is also in how we possess ourselves. Beautiful words should come from beautiful people and; you, my fellow Chicago are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

ahh... you are so good to close these years out with some form of ceremony my dear!

oh boy... well at least with middle school you know where you are going in september. i always felt like ghostworld was a retelling of what happened to me after high school [and college... and the end of my first career. and a little bit present day life. yep, i'm a loser that way]

even though adulthood has been infinitely more interesting, sometimes i wish i could revisit these years...though i'm not sure if i would study more or goof off more. they pretty much both have their positives and negatives. whatever...

you're going to have the best time! i know it! and congratulations again!

Emma Rose said...

You deserve a congratulations for first, making it through middle school and second, being so self-aware and interest(ed/ing) in middle school. I would be too embarassed to post anything that I was interested in in MS, but this is fantastic! I love your Daria thing, especially.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! i can't wait for graduating middle(but i have to..its next year)

please read

Emilie said...

Congrats...I could give you a really positive preview of high school but the whole college thing does loom. Still. You have much to look forward to. Also, I have to say that I don't think you should apologize, even jokingly, for the 'diary' piece of your blog. I mean, blogging itself is sort of a diary. Or a journaling of opinions and feelings, both visual and verbal. Yours being a diary is entertaining and in part what makes it so individual. I like it! And I think most people agree with me.

firefly said...

Only a week left for us! Which I think is kind of sad, because time passes so soon, and because everyone is afraid of change, and because we leave behind so many things.
But also all kinds of awesome.
Also? Daria is all sorts of awesome. Yes...

Sam Harvey said...

great roundup! it only gets better and better! yeah! for summer. i loved your first kiss story in white lighting's little zine.

Artemis said...

I know how you feel Tavi!! My last day of school was today too!! I am officially a sophmore! Good luck with high school, sure you'll do great. I just began a blog if anyone wants to check it out:

There's only a few entries, but I'd love feedback, thanks.

brightlightsbigcity said...

yay middle school! i'm going into tenth grade. wish you went to my school so you could be a new freshman. unfortunately, no one is that cool.
^check me out?

brightlightsbigcity said...
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brightlightsbigcity said...
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brightlightsbigcity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MELON IND. said...

Wayne's world (: Love love love.

leyla said...

wait till you get to grade nine and you are referred to as a niner or miner niner
but nonetheless it is so ahhhmazing to be done with middle school!

PS. i love your blog and you are the coolest person ever. LIKE EVER. and this is the first time i have commented on anything because i never feel knowledgeable enough in the area (to be completely and brutaly honest). but since it is being a grad of middle school, ahem, i feel like i might have knowledge. (just like all the others that have commented)

Isabel said...

Discovering Hole was the greatest thing ever. Live Through This still has the power to get me through the tough times. You will do great things with that electrik gee-tawr.

Leslee said...

Felicidadez on your graduation. You're so pretty.

By the way being awkard is what sets you apart from the rest, and to me that's always a good thing.

kristy said...

congratulations for your graduation!

it will be so interesting to see how your blog evolves once you hit high school and how other students react to your internet fame. very interesting indeed!

Anonymous said...

i hope freshman year will live up to your expectations :)

Fashionista NoNo said...


thomas said...

highschool is cool


Anonymous said...

I miss your blue hair too :)
Good luck in high school!

The photos you post on here have
inspired to make my own blog.
All about art and photography. Thank
you for the inspiration!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss your blue hair too :)
Good luck in high school!

The photos you post on here have
inspired to make my own blog.
All about art and photography. Thank
you for the inspiration!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow congrats!! That's so exciting. I hope you're excited for high school!

Anonymous said...

you are just looking so great. Love the photo of you with red lips/blonde hair...

Rachel Ann said...

Have fun in highschool! My freshman year was a blast. :)

~ ~

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

Congratulations on your precociousness! But seriously, you are amazing. I cannot wait to see what other incredible things you accomplish. Also, have you seen Breathless by Godard? Rodarte is doing that anniversary t-shirt thing, though they've probs already texted you that (don't mind my jealousy). But really, I think you'd love it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post :-)

Gun Street Girl said...

Sorry to comment with nothing at ALL related to the post, but while browsing etsy I caught your name in an item title, so I peeked at it and I thought I'd link it to you to see if the seller was correct ;)

McKenzie said...

I miss middle school, but as I'm approaching my senior year in high school I completely understand the angst (hence the blog name). There are so many different emotions to wade through. Sometimes it almost seems like too much, but that's when the things you love come in; like your monthly Nylon Mag, or maybe the beautiful Ray-Bay Wayfarers you ordered online a couple of days ago. Oh, wait. That's just me(: Magical things can happen when you're young. Fight for all the time you can find.

Anne♥ said...

Congratulations :))
I love your blond hair sooooooo much :))

Love & Hugs Amy ♥☻♥

Vanessa said...

Congratulations!!! Wow, I feel nostalgic and I'm not the one who just graduated 8th grade. However, I do love Freaks and Geeks and my oh my miu miu x courtney love x chanel lipstick (in pencil case? I can only imagine it's adventures) - there exists no better combination.

Tavi, you are on in a ga-billion


beth. said...

as you didn't flip the bird to your school hall post-graduation or bully someone like i once did (who then moved to srilanka-not because i kinda bullied him) i think you'll be great.
just relish the memories and embrace the future,i guess.
congratulations and welcome to teen-agnst!

Indah said...

yay! im leaving mid school too!. guess that people wouldnt call me lil kid no more. :D

Elsa said...

congratulations again :D

Unknown said...

congrats on graduating 8th grade i graduate monday (from 8th grade 2) were the same age and were from the same state but u seem so much more.....mature? almost i dont relly kno the right word oh well dosent relly matter so congrats again and i get the whole being nostalgic thing, spending 3 years with people who you love and hate while everyone is growing and changing so fast, that can relly have an impact

Unknown said...

Congratulations! And thanks for inspiring me to find and enjoy all of my old issues of Sassy again:

Masha said...

hahah congratulations for the graduation)))))
and the nostalgic time is great))

Liz said...

Don't worry, graduating middle school didn't get rid of any of my awkwardness. Although I now have the confidence to talk to senior boys! Unfortunately, those senior boys won't text me back... So still awkward. :)
Congrats though! And good luck!
(You are way more awesome than me at middle school age! It's sort of inspiring :P Practice that new guitar!)

bobb said...

Congrats on finishing middle school - and a nice retrospective.

Brianna said...

This might end up being a stupid question, but what exactly do you mean when you say "Also this blog will becoming less like a diary soon"? Just wondering what changes you are going to be making. It's exciting!!
Visit me at.....

stoneandcloth said...

i LOVE daria - just got done watching all the seasons again. i'll probably be her for halloween. your courtney love look is bad ass.

Holly Brindley said...

Hello :) 3 things:

1- ghost world is such a good movie and where i come from a scarily small number of people have seen it so its always nice to come across someone who has

2- i think you look a little like scarlett johansson in some of your photos :) johannsson? is that spelt correctly? who knows. ironic, as she was in ghost world. Ironic? is that irony? who knows.

3- congratulations on finishing middle school :)

maren said...

hallo tavi, i just wanted to say that i LOVE you for daria, ghostworld, freaks&geeks, girlpower and hole for obvious reasons. you rule. i wish more girls were as cool as you.

soychild. said...

I love your age-ambiguous movie references. You make me feel less alone in this world. :]

Vanessa said...

you look amazing in the red lipstick.

Casey Hoff said...

im graduating this year too :)

Anonymous said...

i love this

Doillon Kharms said...

Gratulere lille smarte Tavi.

Doillon Kharms said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Congratulations on your graduation Tavi,
and I just want to say I love your blog, diary-entries and all, so I'm very curious about what you will do to change it.
Well, we'll probably see soon enough. Have a great summer!

thwany said...

congrats on graduating middle school

Anonymous said...

I find that the more I identify with Ghost World, the more depressing it becomes. I literally had to stop watching it one night when I was home alone because it was just. too. sad.

Anyway, hooray for pop culture/alt culture/whatever that gets us! Congrats on your graduation, hope high school is a blast.

Anonymous said...

I find that the more I identify with Ghost World, the more depressing it becomes. I literally had to stop watching it one night when I was home alone because it was just. too. sad.

Anyway, hooray for pop culture/alt culture/whatever that gets us! Congrats on your graduation, hope high school is a blast.

MissFlax said...

oh man i can't believe music that changed my world at age 13 (when that album actually came out) would become nostalgic. glad there's still kids that are enjoying music like that instead of the soulless crap that is coming out today. godspeed, my child!

Lizzetta said...

I just want to mention something that stood out in your reviews here- I generally think you make wonderful observations and and this is piece is no exception. But above you mention that after all the gauzy fairi-ness of Lula, you'd welcome a "powerful, angry" force of a woman. I just want to add that this longing for angry women has become a familiar value of the feminist movement and imo not such a great one. I imagine this seems like a small point but I make it because I think you see yourself as a feminist, and so this might become something you integrate into your values as well. (Because so many other feminists have.) The longing for feminists to see "angry women" is often in response to some other annoying (usually soft and pliable) ideal. The problem is that "angry and powerful" is a one-sided stereotype as well. What's more, why should we be told to like "angry?" I don't like it in men (AT ALL), why should I like anger in women? Shouldn't we value skill and ability in handling and communicating complicated feelings- whether as a regular person or artistic person? (In fact, I think this is something you're really good at- my favorite part of your Rei rap was when you couldn't help it but stop and complain about the man who took the jacket you wanted. You weren't just ham-fisted mad- you expressed yourself in a way we could hear you and feel it, too. You didn't alienate us. Which is what "anger" usually does.) Eek. Just picking one emotion (ok, maybe combined with 'powerful' it's two!) to particularly value simply because anger seems extreme and scary and classically unfeminine- well, that just ends up seeming just as crass and uni-dimensional.

Having said all this, I think you're a lovely person and what a small quibble for such a wonderful blog!

The Social Mediatrix said...

You look beautiful in that photo with the Mui Mui. Agree, amazing collection.

Jenni said...

I couldn't agree more with you on Ghost World, you look awesome in Miu Miu, and niddle school is balls. Congrats on getting through it!

edie meets new york said...

nice post!

Emma said...

they do say that school is the best time of your life. so make the most of it girly.

totally in love with your blog, wish i was even as half as cool as you are when i was 14.
god, im not even near enough that cool and im nearly 21!


Marko Adalia said...

the blue hair was epic, haha~ any other color in mind? (^_^)

Märta said...

i liked your blue hair

Kimmy said...

i like your blog being diary-like-ish, don't change that part.

Lilly said...

Congrats !
I love your blue hair, i want so baaad. But friends of mine told me that it was a very "fragile" color -you can't swim in the sea, you must be careful to preserve a beautiful blue, etc... Is that true?
Anyway, i love your blog and your hair, whenever it's not blue ! :)

Manon B said...

Hey, how are you ?
I'm french and your blog is great ! Article,photo. Beautiful !
I opened my site there is a week. You are welcome of course.


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