this is weird

I am no longer in middle school. [Pauses for a minute, not sure where to go from here.]

I am DONE! I am done done done.

[Types and retypes and deletes many attempts at reflection.]

I can't reflect, really. If I think about it too hard I get sad, which is WEIRD, and I feel like that scene in Ghost World where Enid is like "we'll never see Dennis again," and Rebecca is like, "good," and Enid is like, "no, think about it, that's actually really sad," and then the person yelling at the TV (me) is like "WHY DOES THIS MOVIE GET EVERYTHING RIGHT?" The most confusing thing is that I want to learn and think about a lot of things but I also want to be a little kid that doesn't think about stuff that much and can just worry about fort-building and such. But now I am overthinking! So I will stop, and leave you with a GIF that illustrates my attitude when I drove past the middle school last night after graduating and then getting an electric guitar:Anyway, howsabout a retrospective? Which will probably interest no one but me? (I do one of these for 8th grade but not 2009? When did my priorities get like that? Why am I suddenly so nostalgic?)Made 8th grade inCREASingly easier.
In September I was lucky to attend the Weardrobe blogger conference where I met the GREATEST people. We stayed at the Gramercy Park Hotel, and I shared a room with Belle, which would only mean the above image.
yay new camera, yay new hair
My blue hair! Which I kind of miss.Eye-opening and life-changing (and very responsible for the recent electric guitar purchase that I mentioned. Oh, did I ever post about how when I was last in New York, Marisa came to our hotel room and we watched Daria and realized we are both Norwegian Jews and talked about first kisses and ate Haribo cola gummies? Also kind of a milestone.)
Three things in this picture: that Miu Miu collection (tied with McQueen Spring for my favorite of all 2010 seasons,) my red Chanel lipstick (in my pencil case, always,) and dressing/makeuping like Courtney Love. Which brings me to:
Oh, dude.

Um, that's it. The keyword here is ANGST, I suppose.
That was really anticlimactic. Also this blog will become less like a diary soon. Happy summer to everyone. (Clearly, graduating middle school has not erased ANY of my awkwardness.)