Fellow Chicagoans, I would like your attention please!
And if this photo of a dress MADE OUT OF M&M WRAPPERS doesn't get your attention, I don't know what will.
Yellow Peanut M&M Dress
This Friday, EarthShare is hosting an event about eco-friendly fashion. EarthShare is my green non-profit organization of choice because it raises funds through workplaces and distributes them between 60 more green non-profit organizations, locally, nationally, and internationally. That's sort of cheating though, because that's like saying 60 organizations are my favorite. But whatever! Not important! This thing is happening Friday! And the non-profit part should tell you that I'm not getting paid to write this -- I want people to know about it, dammit!
At the L2 event I attended and took part in last Friday, Erin Schrode's talk about her project, Teens Turning Green, was especially inspiring. She pointed out that eventually, sustainable clothes shouldn't be special or exclusive or expensive, they should be the norm. Ashamedly, I can't claim to be demonstrating this too well, other than that most of the clothes I buy are from thrift stores or yard sales. Anyway, this show will be a slightly nuttier, less everyday version of that idea, with clothes made out of things like the above M&M wrappers and plenty other weird things that are probably crazy detailed and cool to see in person. And, y'know, Chicago isn't really a fashion city, like, at ALL, so I always like learning about the designers here, especially when dresses made out of cardboard are thrown into the mix. I won't be there but can't wait to see photos. If you end up going, email me. I want to hear all about it!