Hussein Chalayan was based around the idea of a mirage, though that fact was no MIRAGE as the sunglasses said, "MIRAGE". Dad jokes! In all seriousness, because this is serious business, as things always are around here, I first thought it was sort of arbitrary, but the more I looked through it and thought about it the more it made sense, and the fact that it was hard to understand at first only made me like it more. And made it more, of course, like a mirage. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, MR. CHALAYAN.
There were binoculars stuffed up with shearling and leather, hazy nebula-like prints, foggy sheer fabrics, and crocheted jackets that only half-covered the top part of the body. Without the concept, the clothes didn't seem to flow from one look to another too well, but I don't think a Hussein Chalayan collection can be viewed without knowing that there has to be a concept, anyway.
The "mirage" sunglasses reminded me of New Year's Eve sunglasses, in a good way.