oscars the grouch

I am not normally one for red carpet dressing (other than the CFDA gala) and last night we didn't even get Tilda or Cate, AND the co-hosting was awkward, AND Twilight is not a horror movie, and Zac Efron STILL HIGHLY RESEMBLES A NEOPET, but Carey Mulligan filled the Prada void that would have been otherwise occupied by Tilda with this dress that looks very pretty and normal at first...But then when you look at a closer picture, you see this, and if you happen to be looking at the closer picture while it's really late and night and you just ate/drank your weight in sugary products, your reaction is 3x the excitement, or, UDISGHDSLUGWHUIWGSDTiny kitchen utensils! For tiny murderers! Chick is basically wearing a Clue gameboard, AND IT IS FANTASTIC.

And Robert Downey Jr. looked awesome.
I would like to think that he and Michelle Obama play kickball together in their matching Lanvin sneakers. WELL DONE, SHERLOCK, WELL DONE.

That's about it. Again, don't really care for red carpet-type stuff BUT throw some tiny knives and bow ties into the mix and I am intrigued. Oh, and TOM FORD. Throw Tom Ford into the mix and I am also intrigued, and also maybe sitting two inches away from the screen, never mind that it is in the corner of the room hanging from a ceiling. I use my floating powers when necessary, okay? Lastly, I love you all more than rainbows.