let's do this.

Today I am visiting Sheba and pals and going BLUE. No reason other than that I'm bored and I just like how it looks? And it will prompt me for some very amusing analogies from the mouths of my classmates? Also, it would change all of my clothes, because with each outfit I'd have to find a way to match it with blue hair, and I think it's a good way to force myself out of this lazy style rut I've been in for a while.

I think we're going for a frosty blue, a la this editorial in the new Dazed & Confused (which, ef why eye, is GLORIOUS. Courtney. is GLORIOUS.)I think with this color it can be soft/cottoncandy-y or robotic/intense whenever I want. Surprisingly versatile in that way, no? Also, model chick with the hair needs to CALM DOWN. STOP jumping. I'm TIRED.

If the frost is too difficult, I will go straight up BLUE a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:

Other reference points, aka people that make colored hair look cool, aka people I wish I was:Katie Shillingford by Tommy Ton.Proenza Schouler SS10.Enid Coleslaw. "It's not like I'm some modern punk, asshole. This is CLEARLY a 1977 ORIGINAL."

On another note, I rarely write about having been featured in some type of publication here mainly because...I don't really know actually, I think that most of the articles I have seen are more or less the same? And I feel weird being like "Look! A newspaper!" However, I was really excited to be in the new issue of Mykromag, and in such good company, too! (Lara Stone as a nun? In illustration form? Yes.) It's one of my favorite online publications and Jean-Paul Paula and Sonny Groo are personal style iconszszs of mine..and in the article I talk about my dad's nerdy dancing (which is honestly pretty close to mine.) Read it here if you're interested! And hope that my hair doesn't mutate and become a lamb-human when I try to dye it!


Isabel said...

Blue is gonna look so good on you!

"God, EVERYONE is too stupid to understand!"

Mila said...

Blue is gonna look AWESOME on you!!! I'm so glad your doing it! excited to see:)


Baro Lucas said...

I love blue hair!
Tavi, I love more your blog! Is very lovely, nice, !
A big kiss by Baro Lucas

Unknown said...

Sorry-no witty references (too early, it's like 8.33AM!)

Can't wait to see ze rezults!

Vivien said...

You'll look effing good with blue hair ;)
Cannot wait omfg anticipating <3


Can't wait to see your blue hair!

Noelle + Kendall said...

We like the way Katie Shillingford dyed her hair the best. she looks awesome.

-N + K
* we are donating $1 to Haitian earthquake relief efforts for every comment we receive on our latest post. Check it out!

Emily said...

Have fun! I think it would be very cool do dye it blue and then do purple tips. Just to mix it up :)

Emzu said...

Awesome unique hair colour idea (:

Chloe Tweeny said...

i'm sure it's gonna look epic! can't wait to see it

Peacock's Hat said...

The blue is going to look so effing cool, I wish I could have blue hair, unfortunately having very dark natural hair limits me somewhat to dying it bluey-black instead. It always amazes me how Enid got her hair that colour after the black. I think she must have bleached the hell outta it.

Edwina Bulfrage said...

There is another really good blog called 'foxy man' where the girl goes through every colour of hair that is currently been featured in fashion magazines around the world and then where to buy the actual dye products- you should check it out- its amazing!

Insomnia said...

Good luck with your dye action! I have dark hair so the only color I can dye it in, without my hair falling off, is red.

Sam Harvey said...

I am so happy you are going through with this. So you just doing platinum first and then adding the blue. This is a fun leap off the side of the canyon. Can't wait to see you! Back to my sewing project! http://lara-serbin.blogspot.com/

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

Exciting. I love experimenting with my hair colour..its so much fun!!!!

J said...

Wow, that's so cool! Good luck on the color! :D

Jess ♡ said...

That, is going to look amazing. Now you'll have that much more colour to work with :) Can't wait to see your new hair <3

chloe said...

I hope you can get the frosty colour, it'll look awesome!

Anonymous said...

You'll look awesome!!!!

eesa said...

oooh i'm super excited to see it

coco-june said...

i reckon go for the blue frost, that would be hectic. or Proenza Schouler, intepic!

coco-june said...

i reckon go for the blue frost, that would be hectic. or Proenza Schouler, intepic!

brightlightsbigcity said...

I'm so excited to see the finished product! It's gonna be awesome, to say the least.


kate cait sith said...

haha the lamb mutation. sucks that they burnt it that would be freaking awesome to see it mature.
it reminds me of that deer god from princess mononoke, which i have recurrent and perpetual nightmares of.

Anonymous said...

That first image for Dazed&Confused is beautiful, I love the colour, the clothes, and the setting is all wonderful!
By the way, congratulations on your feature in In Style magazine, I'm watching out for that :)

Soren Lorensen said...

just went over to read that interview and it was refreshing to read someone talking to you like you are a normal person rather than treating you like a rugrat or something

no said...


oh yeah and ps. can't wait to see da hair : ) i loved that dazed editorial too.

pss. i quoted that line from ghost world this morning haha. "oh how PUNK!"

Tiny Quirks said...

yes yes, BLUE! so excited to see it!

Stacey said...

Your school doesn't have a policy on unnatural hair color?

Blue's good, but green's always better.

Dodo said...

OMG blue hair!! Awesome! Hope the dye will stay nice (cold showers help a lot and I owned a L'oreal shampoo + conditioner that worked great [its a light pink bottle but I think you won't do anything with this information anyways])

And to the person above me, green can turn too easily in puke hair :/

jones said...

you'll look great with the hair! can't wait to see it


Jean-pierre MATTEI ( clothings maker who shares some fashion sketches .............................. ) said...

I'm in a hurry to see that new hair !
GO GO GO ! ^^

Anonymous said...

Take a pic when you are done!


Anonymous said...

someone did a drawing of you!!


Patri y Vicente said...

we love your blog Tavi¡

Izzen said...

do it! you'll look awesome.


Unknown said...

if this is the latest dazed you're on about, then I had to buy myself a second copy this am after ym FUCKING MOTHER went and lost my last one. I WAS NOT PLEASED. But, I now have two copies of Ranked to cut up, which, btw, I LOVED :)

Fannah said...

i love love love the first picture. that heavenly blue is.. heavenly?
you look amazing in mykromag! i'll have to find another time than ten thirty and another mind state than nauseous and tired to read it. but i will! read! it!


Frosty blue, how delicious. We can't wait.

ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ Samantha James said...

Maybe a just straight out blue would look to marge simpson, a frosty blue would look nice with ou color skin.

just say'n


Amber said...

xoxo amber

Stop looking said...

blue is by far my favorite color i have ever dyed my hair. i think that you will look great with it. just remember that if you want it to stay blue you have to have a water softener and use shampoo for colored hair, otherwise itll turn green. [mine turned green after a while and i liked it so i kept it for another month]

Tornangel012 said...

I was Blue all last summer and loved it so much! If it weren't for having jobs that enforced "normal" colored hair I would still have.

here's a pic

Zoe with 2 dots said...

i need ideas for twiggy poses for a momenta dance. can you help me?

M. said...

I think its great that you are going to dye your hair, and the choice is brilliant. As i was reading through a lot of your posts you say that you love hats, i'm a big fan too and if you are ever in england or stockholm check out the store beyond retro, they have a huge assortment of gorgeous hats.

WendyB said...

Even in the early '80s we were desperate to identify ourselves as 1977 originals, so that cracked me up.

Are you using Manic Panic? If so, I will send a picture of you to the MP ladies.

Ross said...

Is it going to be lighter with your dark blue under streak a'la Proenza?

pagesofsweetpeas. said...

frosted blue is going to look so amazing on you. (oh-look a rhyme!)
i used MP last few years for a neon blue, not sure that they have a lighter one though. this year im purple all the way.
just be warned; people will look, you'll get akward questions on the bus. but you'll look gorgeous so it'll all be worth it! ;)

Sheik-Chan said...

Good luck~ Sometimes it's hard keeping the blue in...but if you like the faded blue too, that's good :O

Can't wait to see iiittt!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

I LOVE the frosty blue.. I'm so excited to see how it turns out!
I think it will look amazing.

Comic_Cat said...

I am excited about how it will look on you and I gotta say that like being in school and stuff is the best way to try out new styles.
I've done that too, only it was gray-ish. :D
It'll go with your outfits!

nicc said...

I recently dyed my hair purple a couple of weeks ago, and from experience: be sure to follow washing instructions! I forgot to wash my hair with just cool/cold water and soon my hair began to stain EVERYTHING. Fingers, pillows, walls, tubs, faces, other peoples arms. Let's say my white shirts all are tinged purple.
Unless you've heard this story already haha.

rose said...

Greetings from rainy L.A. Tavi!!
Yeyy!!! The time has come!
I saw a 70 something yrs young woman with the powder blue hair…in Venice Beach of course! It looked awesome!
Can’t wait to see pictures!

Unknown said...

Blue would be awesome...


Anonymous said...

OMGsh Can't wait to see it! The frosty blue is perfect! <3

Catherine said...


when are you dying your hair along with Arabelle?

The Fashion P.A. said...

I can't wait to see!

Voycik said...

I once dyed my hair purple in the 9th grade. That was an experience. It wasn't THAT noticeable until I walked into the sunlight during lunch break; the purple was vividly noticeable. People's jaws dropped.

Emily said...

oh my gosh the blue will look so fierce on you! ahhh i can't wait to see!!!


Caity180 said...

OMG heart Ghostworld. You have inspired me to see it again!

Krispy said...

I had blue hair many times. I always loved it!
And kudos on Ghost World :D

Vinora Epp said...

you forgot someone in your list of people who make hair color look cool:
Franka Potente in Run Lola Run
such beautiful, awesome hair.
i am so excited to see how yours turns out!

Persephone said...

i don't think that the model in the first pictures' hair is blue. i think it's white and there is blue light shining on it.

Desiree said...

I love my blue hair but I'm getting bored of it. Time to go platinum!

E said...

love that editorial!


Miss Tami Lee said...

Hey Tavi, I don't know if you ever read the comments (I wouldn't, I'd get bored with so many people telling me how awesome I am) but I have a tip for you and the blue hair.

Once it's been dyed, use Sterling Silver shampoo by AG. It's a toner meant for old ladies and people like myself who want white hair. The shampoo is purple and whenever I use it too much it gives my hair a very light blue shimmer. Perfect for someone who wants light blue hair!

Brittany McCarthy said...

I'm sorry, but just from knowing your a fan of good cartoons....is the title of this blog a reference to fosters home for imaginary friends? youre going blue...so I had to ask.

Annie said...

When you first talked about dyeing your hair blue I immediately pictured Clementine in Eternal Sunshine, but I think that frosty blue would be incredible. I hope it works! If not the darker shade will be just as awesome.

my friend, skinny said...

o i love this, please put a photo up straight away - i like the katie shillingford one the best

georgeface said...

If you have to go for a brighter blue it might fade out to a frosty blue. I had dark blue, nearly black hair once and it faded into a greyish

Anonymous said...


holly ann. said...

i read your interview with mykromag. you're so down to earth, you're so... you.
shine on, little one.

Gun Street Girl said...

re: matching your hair to your outfit - I just recently did the opposite. For years I've been pink, red, green, orange, or purple, whatever suited my mood for a few months... and I never used to care about whether it matched what I wore or not, but suddenly I did and picking my outfits became so much more work. So, I went back to auburn.
I applaud your ambition to not be lazy dresser like me, and I am excited to see your FUTURE BLUE HAIRS. Oh, and I second whoever mentioned Sterling Silver. My old roommate used it when she wanted her hair to be a silvery white after she bleached it, and it added a lovely frosty touch.

Anonymous said...

Blue hair was my dream when I was 14. You get tired of it very soon... but I wish you luck!

zoomslow said...

Help! My Kid Wants Blue Hair | Kyria.com
Tips on handling this and other tricky parenting dilemmas.

[Insert] Count Dracula syle laugh :-)))

Yan said...

OMG you're so lucky your school allows colored hairstyles!!
I wish i could get blue highlights, but i'm scared the school will force me to shave my head if i do it ><

Nadia said...

I admire you, really!

Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

I've died my hair blue before and I know what you mean about having to change your outfit to match.

Ollie Crafoord said...

Good luck with your hair!
Dying hair can be addicting; be careful. :)


no-more-wire-hangers said...

cant wait to see the blue!!!
love JPP and SG too! x

Anonymous said...

Dont lisen to the kids at skool if you like then you do it!!!!!!! you must post a pic so we can see it :)

rachel awes said...


. said...

hey Tavi;D
I'll think you'll look pretty funny:d
I think youre a great girl:)
You look really nice, i wanna see you get BLUE;D

annie said...

to echo tornangel012, yes, i kind of loathe my "normal hair, please" job....tavi, congrats on taking the plunge into the blue (haha, clever phrasing, eh?)!

i've had fuschia pink hair, jet black/fire engine red combo, black/platinum combo....ah, i miss those days.

can't wait for your big reveal--you're going to look smashing, and i'm going to live vicariously thru you!


Jenna said...

Darling - I had the same irrational inclination only went PINK. I also acted upon it. Check me out: http://jennarocca.blogspot.com/2010/01/please-show-your-support.html

Devery said...

I secont the "use blue old-lady shampoo for blonde hair" -- when I had platinum hair it kept it nice and platinum and also sometimes lilac if I left the stuff in too long. It comes in a purple bottle. I can't wait to see your pics!

Penny said...

Hey guys,

I have a blog and it is named " LucyPlease " and it talks about all of the things I love! I was wondering if all of you would be able to check it out and comment and follow. I pink sware that the 5th person who follows will get a gift in their suite!
I PINKY SWARE! If you love stardoll and fashion, come along!


Michelle said...

Tavi- someone stole this article and posted it as their own on some celebrity blog!

crazy, huh?
(unless they had your permission...)

Michelle said...

Tavi- someone stole this article and posted it as their own on some celebrity blog!

crazy, huh?
(unless they had your permission...)

firefly said...

Yeah! I wish I had blue hair. But I have black hair, so it matches with everything. It makes me look emo though.

Savannah Burton said...

TAVI!!! Please don't say" blah blah blah blah, no?" that is the most annoying thing you could possibly say so please don't say it! I thought you were different!! SNIFFLE! Just kidding! Wuv you!!

Stylish Goose said...

Just saw a sweet watercolor illustration of you done by Paper Fashion! http://paperfashion.wordpress.com/2010/01/18/tavi/

But it has blond hair, not icy blue :)

Beth said...

Tavi! You are an inspiration ... I've decided that one of my resolutions in 2010 will be to take more fashion risks (maybe no blue for me ... yet). I thank you.

jess said...

I can't wait to see the blue hair. I love the dazed photo.

Matilda Delaporte said...

Tavi G get's blue hair...I'm liking! You'll totally rock the socks off at school. I don't think I know anyone else who'd do this. You go girl!

Matty xxxx


Carly said...

Love the idea of blue hair, i hope it turns out well, if not you could always channel your inner Britney and shave it all off.


Olíviaa said...

Blue Hair?
I Like Green Better *Laughs*

That Green Hair Girl Is So Much Better!

Do You Watch Fashion TV? (ANSWEER)

xo xo,


Olíviaa said...

Blue Hair?
I Like Green Better *Laughs*

That Green Hair Girl Is So Much Better!

Do You Watch Fashion TV? (ANSWEER)

xo xo,


Tayler said...

POST PICTURES! I'M DIEING OVER HERE! Wow, I sound like an insane creeper but it's only because I'm living vicariously through you since I wanna dye my hair platinum blonde like Agyness Deyn (well, when she had blonde hair).




Anonymous said...

100th comment!

Rachel said...

So excited to see you with blue hair! It's gonna look awesome I think, especially if it ends out being that pale frosty blue.

Layers&Swathes said...

I'm thinking of going this colour...


Casilda said...

I had my hair green and it was so great! You will love blue for about 3 weeks then you will miss yours :)!!

I love the frosty blue...!!

I can´t wait to see you!

Nice blog!!


Madeleine said...

You were mentioned in this month's issue of NYLON in an article about Rodarte.

Kendal said...

tavi you're gonna look amazing with blue hair. can't wait to see it!!


Hanna Banana said...

If with blue you succeed in everything you imagined for yourself in an older post (not freaking that spiders you kill will reproduce and haunt you, going downstairs for your Nesquick-fix w/o imagining serial killers' face in the window, etc) then let me know, because you found THE cure for my problems, too:)


zoomslow said...

Oh, wow! The colour is fantastic, it's like, "ELECTRIC" Blue!!!! And the tight cut just helps emphasise the awesome blueness!!! :-))))

Alta Moda - Aine said...

Your going to look amazing! Seriously. Have you heard about Jimmy Choo for Ugg? no. it's not a joke.

<3 Alta Moda @ altamoda2.blogspot.com

Emily said...

i saw the photo of your hair on your tumblr and it looks incredible!! so adorable and gutsy. amaaazing, tavi!


Chelsea said...

i was about to say you better post a pic asap cuz the suspense is killing me, like almost wouldn't be able to sleep tonight kind of suspense. but then i read the above comment and discovered a sneak peek on your tumblr! yayy!! perfect on you! :D

emily said...


tavi, if there was a way to be even more unique and adorable in your own "tavi-ness"... blue hair is definitely a way. and people face lamb is NOT going to be one of the outcomes!

the clothing project said...

Fabulous. it will be glorious.

- www.theclothingproject.com

Bex said...

finally you walk the walk! good luck it will change you. . .

Hanna Holliday said...

nicely written!!

Les Deux said...

oh how great! i can't wait to see the blue, because currently it's only been done by models in shows or editorials and celebrities (although, at this point, you really kind of are one). i've been wanting some cotton candy pink in my hair, but unfortunately, it's dark brown and would require some treacherous bleaching first.
good luck!
les deux - kr.

cdcfashion95 said...

OMG that sounds awsome!! please put a picture of it up when you've done it!!! Your blog has totally inspired me.


Anonymous said...

Hello tavi! I apelle me Anouk and I like your style!
Say to me, I saw in VOGUE, a part of your room and your Object. Would you do can if you - like to take a photo of your clothes and a photo of all your room if he(it) - pleases you? I like your look.
Thank you for re-laying me at this address: http: // annouuk.skyrock.com Thank you!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

I love the dress in the first picture!!!

-The Trendy Fashionista

Maria said...

OHH!!!! I love that green-ish color! isn't that paulagreen?
I likie itie! When my brother colored his hair turquoise i had to take the sub to downtown oslo to drink a HARDCORE-CAFFIENE-COFFEE. But, no srsly. it looked great. But i just did'nt knew it. B-cuz i love colors. especially the colorchoice the norwegian designer Fam Irvoll (my absolute FAVORITE norwegian designer) chose for her last collection last summer. To bad you were'nt there. It was so rad.

Anonymous said...

You looked like an amazing girl!

COCAMIA said...

You seem like a blue type of girl!

tinaH said...

Welcome to the blue-hair-family!
I've had blue hair for many years, different shades.
Looking forward to see how it looks on you, I'm sure it'll be so great!


Unknown said...

So Cool!
your blog's amazing <3


Alban Giudicelli said...

Blue hair ? You're only 13, it's ridiculous.

Persephone said...

why haven't you posted yet? we're WAITIIIINNNNNGGGGGGG...

Becky said...

Great article: the fashion industry is pretty weird

Issy Pederson said...

Good luck! The frost looks amazing. Wait, is that another really obnoxious slang word for jewelry? If so, I'm switching to...glacial. The glacial color looks amazing.

Kristin said...

ooo that blue hair is gona look soo awesome. I can't wait to see it! It is going to be so unique i wish i could pull that off!
the best of luck :)


Anonymous said...

If I get 7 followers on my blog, I WILL GIVE THE 6TH AND 7TH FOLLOWER A PRIZE!

( for stardoll members only! )


LAILA said...

ohmahgod that sheep-thing. Tavi...
oh gosh im such a creep ill stop now.
i love your blog! <3
(im thirteen btw so you are like huge inspiration for me ahhahah)
<3 laila

Unknown said...

amazing proenza and the 1st shooot x

kerstin said...

Tavi, you rock!
Almost as much as my 15 year old daughter who said to me yesterday "You are a bad mother because I only want to wear Victorian clothes and I don't have any"

I dyed my hair blue when I was 17. People screamed in the street. No kidding. But that was a while ago.
Your blue hair looks great!

egggggggg said...

i like your comment...have a nice blog

Linda said...

I just adore your artistic ability. Its just so flawless, I sometimes find it hard to believe you're only like 13. I especially love the first one, it really reminds me of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. :D

Helen Neely

megan alissa design said...

oooh...let's see, have you seen Rusalka? It is lovely, foreign, and features exquisite other worldly hair.
You've a terrific blog~ :)

tandkött said...

A little question, I've been looking for the magazine where I saw the pictures like the one you're using as a header. Which mag was it from? I loved all the pictures but I just don't know where I saw them!!


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