you're standing on my neck

This week was, in every positive way possible, 90'S WEEK. All this came in the mail and I am a lucky lucky girl:
Kim Gordon twice in one photo! It must be magic!

Manic Panic from Anna, with whom I tried to create a Sassy-for-the-00's (or I guess, 10's, now?!) this summer. It failed, I'm lazy and she's busy. Also, I might finally be going blue this weekend. Frosty blue, though, I think..that way it can be soft/light and futuristic/intense whenever I want it to be. Meh heh heh!

Girl Power is by Marisa Meltzer, co-author of How Sassy Changed my Life and author of The Greatest Tumblr Ever. I'm only on one of the Roman numeral pages at the moment but tomorrow I fully intend to build a fort and eat cereal inside whilst reading up on how female musicians in the 90's changed music, definitions of feminism, and pop culture, and how it's led to the popular female artists today such as Taylor Swift. Can't wait.

Next, we have a Ghost World pin from Brandon, which was sent along with a Rei Kawakubo pin. Um, amazing?

NEXXXT is a scrapbook zine from Isabel, without a doubt one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received.. she collaged over a skateboard magazine with basically EVERYthing I like: lots of articles about Marc, Balenciaga, of of lots of NINETIES of Grace of Peggy Guggenheim and Isabella Blow and more awesome people. And so many of the pictures are ones I've cut out months ago, too. ONE MIND, man. ONE MIND.
I spy Winona in Beetlejuice!
Sidenote: Hayyyy Carey Mulligan, why not share the Galliano love? My address is 123 North TOTALLY JEALOUS OF YOU RIGHT NOW Blvd, kthnnnxxxx.
Bindi stickies! Lower right hand corner! Gwen Stefani! NIIIINNEEETIIIIEEES!!!
PS, Isabel totally should've been a teenager in the 90's. Also, why do all cool people live in Canada? Except Justin Bieber.

Free Kitten and 1997 SPIN "The Girl Issue" - SO GOOD. Both, along with clothes and a good luck charm, from Laia, my soul sister. I haven't gotten around to listening to Free Kitten yet, because conditions have to be PERFECT and I must be FOCUSED, but this issue of Spin is amazing. It has everything I love about the 90's (minus some CdG/Prada/Calvin Klein but WHATEVS WE'LL ALL DEAL IT ISN'T RELEVANT ANYWAY) and everything I love about being a girl.
First, we have CHLOE:
Love you too bb.

Next, we have a couple pages of the main GIRL feature:IMG_4704
Daria! Frida!
Bjork in McQueen by Nick Knight! Music I need in my life likenow! Joan Jett! Not Kristen Stewart! Ew! That movie! Looks bad! And the kiss! Between her and Dakota Fanning! Is a really cheap gimmick! Who said that! Not me! Scroll down!

And now some 90's lady fashn:
The Fiona Apple pages are glorious too but my camera was dyin.

So that's that. All the more reason to build a time machine.