January 15, 2010

you're standing on my neck

This week was, in every positive way possible, 90'S WEEK. All this came in the mail and I am a lucky lucky girl:
Kim Gordon twice in one photo! It must be magic!

Manic Panic from Anna, with whom I tried to create a Sassy-for-the-00's (or I guess, 10's, now?!) this summer. It failed, I'm lazy and she's busy. Also, I might finally be going blue this weekend. Frosty blue, though, I think..that way it can be soft/light and futuristic/intense whenever I want it to be. Meh heh heh!

Girl Power is by Marisa Meltzer, co-author of How Sassy Changed my Life and author of The Greatest Tumblr Ever. I'm only on one of the Roman numeral pages at the moment but tomorrow I fully intend to build a fort and eat cereal inside whilst reading up on how female musicians in the 90's changed music, definitions of feminism, and pop culture, and how it's led to the popular female artists today such as Taylor Swift. Can't wait.

Next, we have a Ghost World pin from Brandon, which was sent along with a Rei Kawakubo pin. Um, amazing?

NEXXXT is a scrapbook zine from Isabel, without a doubt one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received.. she collaged over a skateboard magazine with basically EVERYthing I like: lots of articles about Marc, Balenciaga, Cdg...pictures of CdG...pictures of lots of NINETIES stuff...pictures of Grace Coddington...pictures of Peggy Guggenheim and Isabella Blow and more awesome people. And so many of the pictures are ones I've cut out months ago, too. ONE MIND, man. ONE MIND.
I spy Winona in Beetlejuice!
Sidenote: Hayyyy Carey Mulligan, why not share the Galliano love? My address is 123 North TOTALLY JEALOUS OF YOU RIGHT NOW Blvd, kthnnnxxxx.
Bindi stickies! Lower right hand corner! Gwen Stefani! NIIIINNEEETIIIIEEES!!!
PS, Isabel totally should've been a teenager in the 90's. Also, why do all cool people live in Canada? Except Justin Bieber.

Free Kitten and 1997 SPIN "The Girl Issue" - SO GOOD. Both, along with clothes and a good luck charm, from Laia, my soul sister. I haven't gotten around to listening to Free Kitten yet, because conditions have to be PERFECT and I must be FOCUSED, but this issue of Spin is amazing. It has everything I love about the 90's (minus some CdG/Prada/Calvin Klein but WHATEVS WE'LL ALL DEAL IT ISN'T RELEVANT ANYWAY) and everything I love about being a girl.
First, we have CHLOE:
Love you too bb.

Next, we have a couple pages of the main GIRL feature:IMG_4704
Daria! Frida!
Bjork in McQueen by Nick Knight! Music I need in my life likenow! Joan Jett! Not Kristen Stewart! Ew! That movie! Looks bad! And the kiss! Between her and Dakota Fanning! Is a really cheap gimmick! Who said that! Not me! Scroll down!

And now some 90's lady fashn:
The Fiona Apple pages are glorious too but my camera was dyin.

So that's that. All the more reason to build a time machine.


laia. said...

meow powerrrrrrrr!

Jess ♡ said...

Heck yeahhh :D!!

Pashupati said...

Great post!

SB said...

love the magazines!


Eliani said...

90'S WEEK ! gosh...♥ it.



@ MAISONCHAPLIN.blogspot.com

Ganymede Girl said...

Awesome awesome awesome! The 90's were the best! I'd love to get my hands on those magazines, so much amazing stuff in there.

Jordan LM said...

I love the Balenciaga picture!


Soren Lorensen said...

Not Kristen Stewart!


Rosie said...

I'm having some mayjuh flashbacks!

Jade said...

If only i was born 10 years earlier... the 90s were pro.

I love all the photos of Chloe especially, and the photo above the bindis.

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

the thirteen year old i nanny for has never even heard of the spice girls! to me this is nuts

Rachel said...

god, Isabel is the COOLEST. that zine looks amaaaazing. and I'm totally checking out that Girl Power book. going on my list of stuff to buy!

the clothing project said...


- www.theclothingproject.com

Chloe Michele said...

I wish people would send me awesome magazines in the mail. You're one lucky otter. ARF!


naomi said...

stop being mean to kristen stewart.
like seriously, what did she ever do to you?

Emily said...

I totally bought that SPIN in the 90s and lost touch with it entirely until this post. Looking at your pictures, I remember exactly how fascinating that particular issue was for me. Memories...

Norah Salvatore said...

Oh, wow.
Mind if i totally steal this magazine from you? ohwowgeethanksyourtookinddear(:

and ZMFG daria! quite possibly the coolest chick ever! 'Here, Daria, why don't you sit in the front seat with Trent?' 'No, really Jane, I'd much rather sit in the backseat with you. It's closer to your neck.'

God, I miss the nineties :(


Ross said...

Impressive haul. "Girl power" looks like an interesting read, can you tell me when your done if it was informative or not?

sootjeelina said...

I realy like it <3

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

poppy:) said...

incred. jealous and wow that magazine is SO amazing i made a magazine but it was CRAP compared to that

It's more than fashion said...

like you i love fashion and i would like ti know you opinion about my designs!!
P.D-I just have seen you on the tv news of spain!!!wow girl, you rock!!

ACelineS said...

I've never commented before but today, when I saw your Spin mag had a Fiona Apple feature and you haven't (yet??) scanned them.. I just had to be a little whiny and ask; could you pleaaaase scan the Fiona feature?? I'm a really big "fan" (though I don't really do being a fan of something but she along with James Dean is the exception :D), and have been since I was about.. well a lot younger :D! Anyway, I love reading your blog, have only discovered it a couple months ago, but will try to keep up with updates :D! Chloe's awesome!

博子 川久 said...

Loving that zine!

Nadia said...

Wow this photos are so inspiring...Bjork in McQueen is something that can't be explained!

Barbara Frankie said...

woAh, recieving that scrapzine would actully make my life!

Annie said...

Oh tavi, I know this sounds awful, but I totally get why people hype you so much. Your posts are by a country mile the most informed, interesting, original and funny. Also, heart the 90s. Sucks I was 5 when they ended :(

Lhy N. Sierra said...

love your blog!


mila said...

Yay for 90s!!!


Bay Faye said...

Ooooo you ARE a lucky lucky girl! Getting -good not lame junk- mail is the best thing ever!



Isabel said...

Yayayaya! I'm glad you liked the picture of the monkey in the lace dress with the skulls & Carey Mulligan, it was one of my favourite pages. Again, it was so much fun to make so thanks for the swap-portunity!

Break said...

so now made in the 90's is cooler than in 80's :D

Faux Naif said...

lawls. why do all cool people live in canada. oui! you flatter me.

Catherine said...

Hi tavi? I'm jealous of you. I want those magaszines. And I don't want to study for midterms.

Tavi said...

AcelineS-I don't have a scanner, sorry! I would otherwise..

Naomi-I'm sure she's not like a BAD PERSON! but I don't like her as an actress and I really can't get behind the Joan Jett movie from what I've read/seen about it. So, I shall continue to write as I please. Cheers!

Piglet said...

this makes me wish i hadn't heaved all my 90s mags and clothes out the curb in the early 2000s!

Sarah said...

amazing. I want to start a new Sassy too!

lilmissshortee said...

Awesome post :)
Love the mags!

brandon said...

GURL GET IT ON. This is all so fabulous, and I am so glad you liked the pins!

closet365 said...

Excellent collection. I love the 90s so so so much. I need to start working some 90s fashion into my blog.

And Fiona Apple! Pretty much my favorite thing ever. I hope you enjoy the Spin piece on her, because I still remember and love it.


danniekate said...

those are so cool! the 90s so often gets overlooked when people talk about fashion...i guess cause there were so many midriffs out. anyone else miss sabrina the teenage witch?


miyuki yoshimura said...

love your blog :D!!

Walter Price said...

cool. POW!!!

the materialist said...

Go 90's!
Go Canadians!
Go Tavi!
Happiness all around.

Ari said...

I love Peggy Guggenheim!


You are rad

Natassia Machado said...

I love the bindis... I used to live in India and they have markets with stores that sells only it! and the price? Less than 10 cents each...

xAZD said...

love the post! your blog is consistently entertaining + informative.


WendyB said...

I recently met the founders of Manic Panic. I was starstruck!

prashant said...

Excellent collection. I love the 90s so so so much. I need to start working some 90s fashion into my blog.

cooking video

fashionistas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alta Moda said...

Love it!! Your awesome!


Maddie said...

No offense or anything but dont die your hair blue. Blue clashes with a lot of colors and then it will limit the clothing you can wear.

Patri y Vicente said...

we love your blog¡

boxofspecialthings said...

hey, nice blog, im really feeling the 90's latley and the idea of different generations is inspiring to me and we thinging about talking about it in my next blog
check it out.


lindz said...

I noticed the photo from Freeks and Geeks with things you think are awesome. That is fantastic.

Izzen said...

very cool!


zoomslow said...

your neck's under my foot

"Henshaw: What’s it called?

Dylan: I’m not going to tell you."

Is that for real :-))) Dylan adopts the persona of a stubborn child, and all of a sudden we're in gaga land (but without the crazy outfits).

Tara Violet said...

wow, those magazines are fantastic! Stupidly, I don't think I realized before the magic of the 90's, but I do now.
Chloe looks amazing in those photographs and I love them!

naomi said...

that magazine is ingenious!

and justin bieber shows up at the mall in my hometown regularly, it causes riots.


Landice Anderson said...

Oh, the nineties. What a time. Sad day those of us young'ins had to miss out, eh?

Lukewarm Royalty @ Blogspot

moll said...

Somehow, the 90s LOOK better in hindsight than they actually looked at the time - maybe because I decide to remember the good parts and ignore the years where I was wearing flat-front Gap khakis and a row of butterfly barrettes twisted in a row off of my forehead? With sky-blue camp shirts? And zippered striped Henleys, and primary-colored Gap hoodies? And Joey Potter sweaters, because for the first season of Dawson's Creek, you could buy ALL of the wardrobe at J.Crew, lil 90s triv there.
But man, do I wish I still fit into my 1990 - 1996ish outfits.

Nancy Magoo said...

LOVE the Splendora title!

Chachel said...

I spy my fave band fun. in the first photo! :D

BeBe said...

Daria!!! Ugh! that was the best ever in life....i should try and get that on dvd...


Dreaming said...


Andrea said...

I really miss zine culture. Poring through Factsheet Five, sending off well-concealed dollar bills and getting back all kinds of cool stuff in return... The instant nature of blogs is great, but I worry that something is lost when everything is at our fingertips, just a Google search away. Information is somehow cheapened —and the thrill of discovery is pretty much gone.

(Eek, I sound like such an old crank. Which I guess I am.)

On a more positive, Kim Gordon-y note, I give you Sonic Youth's first ever show: http://bit.ly/freenoiseforfriends

nuncautnunquam said...

I was 13 in 1999. It was one of the most amazing years ever. You got me remmminnnisccccin' gurrrl.

jewall said...

I am so glad someone younger than me thinks the same way about people like Justin Bieber! There is hope for your generation yet! Also, thanks for the shout out to Canada, I was born there :)

ashford said...

aw, i love dakota fanning.
i didn't know about this kiss.

The one named Julian said...

awesome, i was born in the 90's. 1990 to be more exact. Beetlejuice is an awesome movie and bjork is one of the best artist!!!!

[ StrawberiiStarz ] said...

I miss the 90's....the cartoons were SOOO much better than they are now. It was great. :3

Love the magazine shots! Sorry I haven't been commenting much...just busy and such (@___@);; I'm still a follower though!

k b said...

oh 90s, i should upload a great 90s playlist i just heard! 90s were so key in all the right ways

i laughed out loud for real at the justin bieber comment, dude is 99.9% responsible for a lot of the sales of particular styles at my work and i didnt even know who he was. he looks like ellen page in a weird way though?


Gladys said...

90's! Very inspiring.

Jessica said...

LOOve love love fiona apple. this is all so me at your age. i swear. the nineties had great moments.

NANA said...

I'm Japanese girl.
Please come to Japan again.
I want to meet you.


L. Paris said...

Hey come check out my blog Style File! www.stylefilechicago.blogspot.com Enjoy!

Madeleine said...

Nice! Congrats or what should I say? :p

Every Little Counts said...

i miss those days of fiona apple and the emerging of chloe sevigny. and i totally had that issue of SPIN! i wonder if it's at my mom's house somewhere. i used to keep everything until i finally got into throwing things away...now you make me want to hoard everything. yikes!

snoblak said...

Yay Canada! I lived in Vancouver it's amazing ;-)

thwany said...

i loveeeee the 90's

Savannah Burton said...

tavi! please check out my blog! booksbananas.blogspot.com!!! i am 13 too!! :-) yay!!!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

This is a great source of inspiration!!! Thanks for sharing :)

-The Trendy Fashionista

Ra said...


the elephant said...

ah why were the 90s so great?! those magazines look so fun!


pagesofsweetpeas. said...

yes canadians are super cool! (i refuse to acknowledge justin bieber's citizenship.)
awesome magazine; go 90's! (:

ru.kurarin said...

thank you for the introduction to Girl Power. i hadn't heard of it, if you can believe that.

jackie said...

sweet dylan poster for you, tavi: http://ffffound.com/image/87e4536f31c56b1b45b25577772e0c2ff6cb002a

love buzz. said...

hi, it's called riot grrrl. xo

B a la Moda said...

great editorials and magazines.

B* a la Moda

JADOIRE said...

wow de magazinething is gorgeous!

graciela. said...

The best thing about the 90s in one word: Pavement.

Can't say I cared too much for the fashion I saw around me during that decade. Mostly cos the majority of the guys and girls in my school wore cholo attire.

SweetLuna said...

haha I'm with ya on that Runaway kiss Tavi! I grew up on Joan and love her and knew that she had somewhat of a shady past but seriously.....to quote my daughter (17) who wants to be a screenwriter/actress...'they only add in a girl on girl kiss when they know the script is going down hill fast'!!!

Maria said...

Isn't thar Chloe Sevingy? and is it an old issue??

haha, she had NO wrinkles.
(ok, im gonna stfu now)

ehm.. wrinkles and raspy-nicotin-voice ruuuleez.. well. uhm *hark*

VintiqueLA said...

can't go wrong with alittle kim gordon, best free kitten song is kissing well...thanks for the post.


Meet Virginia said...

love your inspiration!

ashford said...

ok ok ok i think i commented before, but remember that time I was Daria for Halloween 2008? YESSSS


Kasia said...

wow! didn't know there's such a book...i just ordered it from amazon straight away...it will take a while before it gets to Poland but now i am so excited to read it! thank you for showing it, xxx

Q. said...

Daria = best thing ever. I especially love how people still ask me if I was named after her sister Quinn... and the fact that I was in a fashion club....

That show needs to come back.

xx, Q.


Nishant said...

love the magazines!

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Kristin said...

TAVI!! I'm in the Girl Issue of SPIN. There's a grumpy looking pic of myself crossing the street during Olympia's 2000 (?) Yo-yo a Go Go. I'm the girl in the red/white/blue puffy coat and mini skirt in the middle of summer. Too funny and too awesome you posted this.

simonesays said...

Canadians FOR THE WIN.

orientalmunchkin said...

Oui oui all the badasses are up in CANADA LAND :D

BFP said...

love it so much!


mareike said...

hi tavi,
just saw this now and wanted to tell you that i scannes and posted an editorial from 1993 i-D on my blog
a couple of weeks ago.
it´s called grunge couture and is shot by corinne day.
check it out!
and keep up what you´re doing!!

Anka - aka the neurotic Russolite said...

hahaha! You even have Nara in the scrapbook :) Nice. Great blog, really one of a kind. Keep up the god work!

Greetingz from a Russian.

Sam said...

Oh i love it , StyleRookie!

Kit-Kat said...

I love the 90s....a better era.

I am also very pleased that other people in the world cut out magazine pages and paste them in books. It's very awesome to see that other people have done the same thing as I have but in very different ways.

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andrea jean said...

I'm new to commenting on your blog but had to say something about that Girl Issue of Spin! I can't even remember what year it was from -- 96? 97? But I got that when it came out and it was EPIC and I still have it! Glad someone saved it to pass along to you :)

Helen said...

I just adore your artistic ability. Its just so flawless, I sometimes find it hard to believe you're only like 13. I especially love the first one, it really reminds me of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. :D

Helen Neely

emunkoth said...

you youngins really need to stop saying the 90s were a better time. they weren't. yeah, the grunge thing was cool and all, but when it was cool was when it was the tiniest subculture ever. unless you grew up in a city (phew, thank goodness i did) you really didnt hear much about anything except the craptacular stuff that was popular in the 90s.

before the internet, young ones, you would not have known of many of the more excellent things to come from the 90s. for the most part it was all unfortunate fashion and unfortunate music.

Gwenn said...

It's my first time reading your blog and I almost had a heart attack when I saw your pics from Spin. The girl on the left in the last photo is Lauren Hoffman and she is still doing music and has a new record out just last month! Amazing stuff.
you can find it at www.forlauren.com

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i love the shaved haircut! *_*

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