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We'll call this long overdue post "fashionably late"...or something.
So saturday night was the Moca 30th Anniversary gala and afterparty. It was...weird? Nuts? Fun? When talking to Carine (ROITFELD DUH [I was completely enCHANTed by her whole prescence]) I said the night was crazy, to which she replied, "But crazy is good, no?" Yes, indeed.
Epic moment dance party time.

Epic Moment #1:
Hamish Bowles took mine and Laura from Rodarte's picture together. I was too nervous to say "I LOVE YOU" then but when we saw him again later I did say I was a fan and he said he was "simply addicted" to this here bloggy blog and that he found it "amusing." British Accent included. I'LL TAKE IT.

Epic Moment #2:
Shala Monroque, who always looks AMAZING, was wearing SPRING 2010 MIU MIU. Cats! Seagulls! She also had a feather in her hair. And she had the pumps, too. It blew my mind. The clear evidence of my smallness is evident from the angle of the picture, but figuratively I did indeed feel like a mere speck next to this goddess. Miu Miu goddess. Feather-in-hair goddess. Ugh.

Epic Moment #3:
Dasha's maternity Rodarte! I have a terrible picture of the strings of black blood that trailed from her back but it was completely amazing. If there is one woman who can sport a baby bump and shoes of steel, complete with heels made from nuts and bolts? It's Dasha Zhukova. Know that for future reference, in case it comes up on a homework assignment or something.
Dasha's Rodarte

Epic Moment #4:
The SPICE BURNS, an incredible new band, arrived with awesome headbands Margherita Missoni on the far right said they got at some cheap hippie store. Awesome. I am definitely keeping an eye out on this group...
The Spice Burns

Epic Moment #5:
I love Missoni. I love what Angela Missoni has done for it in recent years, how she has showed collections that feel very right for this time without being trendy, and how she's incorporated the label's heritage into that as well. I fell in absolute love with her Spring collection, and Fall, and the Spring before that and so I was kind of starstruck upon meeting her, but she was so sweet and looked me right in the eye and seemed so genuinely touched to hear from someone that loves the brand so much. She and Margherita talked in Italian for a little and then gave me the Missoni scarf Margherita was wearing...I told you they were nice!! Love themmmmmm.
Missoni Madames

Epic Moment #6:
name tags + Hedi Slimane
Hedi Slimane, one of my favorite photographers evarrrr (love expressed here) sat across from me at the dinner but I was too nervuz to talk to him. You see his head peeking in here, though the focal point is supposed to be the name placer thingys. Laura and I drew on each others and both ended up doing evil mice (though mine has a slight hippo nose? Oh God who cares HI HEDI)

Epic Moment #7
ballerinasHirstDamien's piano
Lady Gaga! A number of people have been asking "HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT LADY GAGA?" and I think I'll have to devote a whole post to that alone because it's seriously stressing trying to figure out if I think she's a moment who is trying to do something very Warholian but...isn't, or if there's something I just don't get and it doesn't matter that she knocked off McQueen because now she has him on her side with the GagaOohLala video (which I have to say was PRETTY AMAZING.) And it stresses me out knowing that such a stupid thing is stressing me out.
Anyway, that is for another time. I was kind of wide-eyed during the performance. We were really close. Damien Hirst piano, Prada costumes, Bolshoi ballet, Frank Gehry headpiece, introduction by Michael was pretty magical.

Epic Moment #8
Or, The D-Baggiest Picture Of Me Ever
As we were making our way out of the afterparty I noticed crystals from Miu Miu Spring 2010 (which was nothing short of amazingggg). I couldn't see who was wearing it though-it was really dark out-and complimented the girl in it.
"I love your dress!"
"Thank you, Miuccia picked it out for me."
"It's amazing. That whole collection was fantastic. Oh-wait. What? Oh...oh my God! Hi! Hi! Okay, I couldn't see who you were in the dark but I could see the dress because it's so shiny and now I just realized who is wearing it! Oh my God! I really like you! You are so cool! You're of my style icons! Oh my God! Hi!"
"Thank you, that's very sweet."
Then we shook hands and said names (like she had to tell me her name.)
Then she asked in reference to the guy next to me, "Is this your dad?"
"What? Oh yeah, him. Yeah."
She extended her hand in his direction. "Chloe Sevigny." Then my dad said his full name, and I quietly mumbled yeah dad ok no one cares.
This is so unfair. Anybody looks bad next to her but I have that goofy grin on my face. I might as well be giving a thumbs up and cocking my head to one side with my mouth wide open.
Prada boys + Chloe
And talking to the Prada boys (also super super nice!)

Epic Moment #9
Kate and Laura letting me borrow a dress, sweater and belt to wear! Didn't get a full length shot but the bottom of the dress especially looked amazing because a) it was too big for me but worked, in a weird way? I liked that it went to my ankles. and b) the bottom was really structured and egg-like. Paired with vintage brown boots and a little bear voodoo keychain guy I stuck a barette through and placed on ma head. And a purple gypsy Hayden Harnett purse.
Edit: Still looking for a full on but here's one with Eugenie, one of the Spice Burns, via Derek Blasberg's twitter..(again, more goofy grinning/that stupid tooth that hasn't grown in yet)

Epic Moment #10picture by Todd Eberle
Ignoring that this is a slightly awkward picture, DANIEL DESARIO!
I said I loved Freaks and Geeks and fangirled and he asked if I was a freak or a geek and I said in between and he said him also he's more of a geek now because he's back in school then he tugged lightly at my sleeve and said i was hip like a freak but seemed smart like a geek and i was all OH STOP THAT YOU'RE TOO KIND and i said a geek can be hip like millie and he said millie is a nerd! and i said no millie is awesome! and we argued and then a guy in a hat took our picture.

Carey Mulligan was also there and even though I haven't seen her in anything I have read a bunch of her interviews and sort of am in love with her. Shoulda hunted her down.
So happy to see Ashley and Tam from Pop at the afterparty and get to talk to them again! She was in Miu Miu and we talked about good and bad Spring 2010's. Ashley told me about when he met Chloe (because we are totally on a first name basis now, me and Chlo~) when she was 19 and working at Liquid Sky.
Sat next to Derek Blasberg and we talked about awkward teenagers.
China Chow is beautiful.
Rachel Zoe is funny.
Gwen Stefani was at our table and looked amazzzzeee but I was too shy to say anything.
Aaaaaand I really need to find out how to master the cool party smile~~
Happy weekend!