the magic of hot glue and scraps of carpet samples

This is my last non-scheduled post for a week or so. Tomorrow morning my mom and I head to my dream destination: Tokyo!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in complete and utter disbelief still and will not get completely excited until I'm actually there and am sure it's all happening.
But oh my GOD guys, I can't wait. Well, I kind of can, because I still have to pack, but OH MY GOD!!!!! I would love to hear of any places to go but the schedule is already pretty packed...oh, and it includes meeting Rei Kawakubo, which...if you have read my blog at all, and especially if you're a long time reader, you know what that means for me. Can't even really talk about it.
SO, enjoy your weeks and here is the real post....

For a school art project, we had to make a little room, like a section of a dollhouse. I started out wanting mine to be all ~minimalistic, all white and plexiglass and stuff. Then I thought it'd be cool to add a Jeff Koons dog. Then McQueen shooz. Then magazines and books. And a bunk bed. And a couch. And a climbing rope, like the ones in gym class. Oops.
I took some of the leetle objects home yesterday and they're fashion related and appropos for ze blog. They're so LITTLE and cute! I love tiny coathangers. Oh, and all of the objects I made are supposed to follow a blue/green/red/pink color palette.

Jeff Koons dog (which needs a little repairing and touching up)

Now the clothes! They are all about the size of my pinky.
Rodarte Fall 09 dress
rodarte aw09

Miu Miu Fall 09
miu miu  aw09

Comme des Garcons Fall 09cdg aw09
cdg aw09

Comme des Garcons Spring 97lumps and bumps
lumps and bumps
See how tiny they are? And my hands are small!
And yeah, sometimes I like to write "TBONE" on my knuckles, what of it?lumps and bumpslumps and bumps

Alexander McQueen Spring 10mcqueen ss10
mcqueen ss10

And some mini books (only two of them are like the real cover, but yeah DEAL WITH IT.)books
Juergen Teller Marc Jacobs Advertising (I ordered this in AUGUST and Amazon said it's supposed to come this week..) Yayoi Kusama, Green Eggs and Ham, random book on Bob Dylan, and Nick Knight.
MIND YOU, I painted all of these and the magazines from memory, and my mem is getting a bit old n shaky.

Last but not least, magazines:
magazinesVogue Italia with Daphne Guinness on the cover
Natalia Vodianova's Prada nun Pop coverDVF on the cover of Purple with Margiela shouldersThat One Cover of Bazaar That Avedon Shot Where It's All Pink and Green and Stuff
Katie Fogarty on the cover of RUSSH

So that's that. Once again, I love tiny little mini versions of things.
Tokyo here I come...