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Hi! How are you? How was your weekend? What did you do? What'd you think of TaySwift on SNL? What'd you think of some sports event that took place these past couple days? How's your cat? How's your dog? How's your husband? The newborn?
No, not "You've taken up 90's Fruit Roll-Up Advertisment Photography?" (This photo was supposed to be...not lame.)
The news is that that top is just sort of kind of TOTALLY one of my favorite things I own, ever?
Lovely lovely Jack and Lazaro of Proenza Schouler sent it over from their Spring collection and I was so happy when I got it and really sad I was all gross and gym-class-y when it came because I wanted to try it on so bad. But now here we are. LOVE
I am obSESSED with this collection (it is partially responsible for my serious consideration of dying my hair blue) and had been figuring out how I could wait until it's all on sale on Yoox in a couple years to find anything from it but sometimes nice people do really nice things and I don't end up acting like Daria on a Monday!
I have to be honest, wearing this really does make you feel super cool and like a totally other person. I don't mean "You'll be a new woman! It'll transform your life! You'll be confident in your weight, and start dating again!" I mean I totally felt like I lived in Santa Cruz a couple decades ago and knew how to surf or skateboard or something. Good thing I didn't try because that would result in massive injuries and, more importantly, shirt stains!

Pretty rad. So in love.

Untitled 1
Obligatory artsy fartsy shot is obligatory.
But freals, this does NO justice to the vibrance of this print. When I was bored in school I would roll my sleeves up and then unroll them and it was like WHOA.

Oh I'm sorry, were we talking about your weekend?


Lizzie said...

How awesome!!! You look so cute in that picture!

b said...

praise be the lord of wonders

Karl Lagerfeld said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karl Lagerfeld said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karl Lagerfeld said...

My weekend was divine. I made a pinata and hit it to a million little pieces with my silver Chanel cane.

abigail m. said...

Hahahahaha! YES KARL.

Isabel said...

Oooh! It's so excellent! And I'm really loving this whole 'socks with heels' vibe you've been rocking lately.

Anonymous said...

AHHH amazing!

Andrea said...

i cannot think of anyone more deserving of such a top than you, tavi. xo andrea


congrats on getting that top. It looks amazing!

Carlos Alberto Silva said...

OMG your shoes are so Vuitton style, I looove it darling. And my dog is ok, my mom aussi. ^^


blukats said...

Great outfit! Love the top, they sent over one perfect for you!

Weekend was one to forget except for Japanese food and Yogurtland. Nice way to take a break and always good!

Sydney said...

i am obsessed with your top. and more importantly, your blog.

Katie said...

mmmm fruit roll ups...

Cotton Socks said...

looking awesome there tavi.
the shoes look super cute with the socks.
so lucky to get clothes in the mail! its my dream

Unknown said...

Not a fan of T-Swift,Cup Day was awesome, have no cat or dog (sad), not married and my newborn appreciation of the print and colour in that top is doing just fine!!! Thanks for asking :-)

Soren Lorensen said...

your face in this photo looks like it is saying "huh?"

I like it all

Anonymous said...

just LOOKING at you wearing that top makes me want to turn back time, live in santa cruz, and learn to surf or skateboard or something...


psst. why do i feel like you're getting taller with every picture ?

Unknown said...

i've created one such in red and yellow using a kinda tie and dye technique.

style savvy

. said...

so cute shoes!!

annie cat said...

sort of reminds me of the Hypercolor tshirts...

Eva said...

man i love your shoes and your face is priceles on the first photo! and taylor was funny, but is she ever going to get over joe?

xoxox, eva ♥

zoomslow said...

So many questions…good thanks, not too bad, fashion designed, didn’t see it, Australia won a cricket match which was nice, don’t have one any more – “Flag” had to be put down ‘cause she was killing too many birds, thanks, she’s well, no wife, no newborn. The photo’s great – the awesome top and shoes are beautifully high-lighted! You must stop putting your work down, Tavi, and start talking it up, without sounding like that’s what you’re doing (which I know you can easily do) :-)

Olive Tee said...

the top is brilliant!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

The top's nice, but your shoes... WHOAAA

Sailor Jamee said...

your commentary truly will never get old. kills me every time. i loved this collection as well, and i'm very jealous you get to own a piece of it!

Stjarna said...

Oh lovely tye&dye tee!!!

Maria said...

Lucky girl, it's beautiful!

Hmm my weekend, got drunk and it was all downhill from there =( I wish I was five years younger like you and just chill home.

SO. said...

JEEAAALLOUUSSY!!!! im green with envy, like your shirt.

Rivkah Gevinson said...

this actually made me laugh and brightened my day a little. what is the world coming to. ...i feel weird commenting...but now that i've started i feel like i cant stop.

amelia ng ruiyi said...

hi...found ur blog thru blogspot...i like the way u convey ur thinkings...and you're not weird..pretty cool! ^^

Anonymous said...

ooh that's lovely! you're a lucky girl. I'm so in love with those shoes too! xxx

Katie MVD said...

Love your pics lady!! You have inspired me to figure out how my camera works... @_@

Miranda said...

I'd like your style very much! Have a nice week! ^^

Eline said...

Actually, I'm very much in love with you in that faux nineties shot. You look like one of those girls in photos for teenage articles that may or may not be called 'I GAVE BIRTH TO MY BABY IN A PUBLIC TOILET AT FOURTEEN'. Except you're prettier and most of all better dressed. BUT THAT LOOK IN YOUR EYES. I love you for it.

momentefaengerin said...

Great style.
Great blog.
In my eyes you are some kind of fashion icon.

With best wishes
Rici (from Germany) :)

Kitty said...

tavi, you couldn't be any cooler, honey! my pups are fine; darling, actually. thanks for asking!

Arushi Khosla said...

Tavi! You'd look sick with blue hair ;) Just saying.
PS was so rad this year, I fainted. Okay, not really but you know. I loveloveloveddd the third dress from the right to oblivion.

Unknown said...

You look great. I love your style... always!

Anonymous said...

Wow very cool ! :)

H.Herb said...

Hi...I'm just getting started at this blogging thing and i'm trying to get my feet wet. looks like you have done quite a bit of do you like it? i'm a photographer and i'm trying to get some feed back on my work. honest....what do you think?

. said...

fantastic! it's good ;)

Angeles Almuna said...

Well, my weekend was excellent, my dog is a little bit crazy but well and I love your post, cool pictures, nice collection and I love the colors!!!!!
Have a nice week Lady Tavi!!!!

mademoiselle créative said...

I like the picture and the colours of your shirt.

mistersquid said...

Your blog rocks, mainly due to an excess of good writing.

Brittany DeFrehn said...

Love this picture! You look extremely wise...matches the tone of your writing well.

Unknown said...


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OH mode said...

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WendyB said...

How nice! Good for you :-)

Anonymous said...

i love-ola that collection as well... and it is also partially responsible for the pink in my hair right now. If you didn't know, you can get colored hairspray for $2 online. It's cheap and it washes out, so you can do a different color/design each day. LOVE. <3 -Andie

Anonymous said...

that shirt is awesome! green is like my favorite color!!! hey anyone out there!!! check out

Anonymous said...

that shirt is awesome! green is like my favorite color!!! hey anyone out there!!! check out

L in progress said...

love the tee!
have it coming for SS10 so you are one lucky girl to get it before anyone else!!


TartanBoots said...

Love the top, if you ever get feed up with it you can always send it to me i won't mide lol.

Please viste me at: and consider becaming a follow

TartanBoots said...

Love the top, if you ever get feed up with it you can always send it to me i won't mide lol.

Please viste me at: and consider becaming a follow

Kat said...

you look really pretty in that photo :) don't dye you'll damage it!
but its your choice :P

Unknown said...

Wowzers. I'm a new follower who knows absolutely nothing about fashion. You've boggled my brain with amazement. :)

Terri OConnor said...

I always thought that if my kid dyed their hair blue it would be their revenge on me.....Im re-thinking.

Anonymous said...

that is one beautiful top from the folks at Proenza Schouler and I adore your shoes. gaah, obsession. . . byeee for now and thanks a bunch my weekend was goood. (blue hair rocks)

Anonymous said...

You look so cute.
That shirt is amazing-ness.

English Rose said...

you're so lucky with that top! gorgeous on you. omg i saw taylor swift on SNL i thought she was hilarious! im seeing her in concert in a few weeks - sooooo excited!!! x LUELLA HAS CEASED TRADING, I DID A POST ABOUT IT

(twas the most undesperate way i could think of to add my website there...still came out pretty desperate though. But the news is true!)


Dodo said...

Lovely vibrant print! Mesmerised!

Shelley Noble said...

Who's that young woman staring at me from out of the very UNlame fashion photo?! Such coolness.

Mel said...

my weekend was great,too...and you're such a cool-looking girl! :)

Demara said...

I LOVE the shirt's print too!! Nice contrasts you've put together, not fruit roll-up like at all, seriously. or wait. is it? fruit roll-ups are super cool!! hehe you sure have an eye for fashion...

Robyn said...

That's an amazing print! It's so dissapointing when a photo can't convey the intensity of the fabric~ (I know how you feel)

Your hair looks great pulled back like that!


bei said...

i am so impressed by your blog, and i saw ur face on the news stands, amazing! just started blogging due to many factors but you have definately been one of the inspirations! so thanks

Anonymous said...

very well done!

Elizabeth said...

Do you like Fall Out Boy??

Oh! Sorry, I was supposed to comment on your blog!! Loviinnnnnng the green top.. You'd better keep it in a glass case cuz I'm gonna steal it while you're sleeping

Elizabeth said...

Do you like Fall Out Boy??

Oh! Sorry, I was supposed to comment on your blog!! Loviinnnnnng the green top.. You'd better keep it in a glass case cuz I'm gonna steal it while you're sleeping

Emily said...

you look STUNNING in that picture, and i'm SO JEALOUS that you got a proenza shirt!!! ughhhh i wish i was youuuu

Katy said...

WHOA WHOA WHOA. I am blinded by the awesomeness of that shirt. I am so jealous!

Lucy in the Sky said...

*screams for you* TOOOO COOL! Proenza Schouler's Spring collection was definitely one of my favorites!

(always)alanna said...

seriously tavi, you crack me up. you're too amazing
and that shirt? even more so. you totally deserve its spectacular-ness

Visual Culture said...

meh meh meh

Nickie Frye said...

Well, pretty sure a coyote ate my cat actually, but thanks for asking. No joke!

Love the shirt. Now, heading to Santa Cruz. There's a big surf competition going on there, you know.

Unknown said...

You are really pretty. Not joking.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i have blue hair and its probably a just a little bit longer than yours now!

Fashion Hungry said...

your leg position looks amazing haha...loveeeeeeeeeee the top..u lucky piece of...tavi.
& the pierre hardys look great too

Unknown said...

You shirt is as cool as your blog. I am totally lovin' it. Not to mention where it's from. You rock it! ;)

Her Armoire: where fashion meets style

Lauretha Sudjono said...

awesome top! loving it.

cathyyleeee said...

holy crud, you`re so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi ! I am french and i really love your blog ! <3<3

Julie said...

I adore your blog!
You know what? In Germany, every magazine is writing about you as the new it-girl. ;)

Wickeed_ said...

I LURV your hair and heels!! They rock!!

Anonymous said...


Frances Davison said...

cry cry, proenza makes me weep with joy. jealous as i could physically be! x

Mizeka said... look what kristen's wearing ;)

crisabella said...

Check it out. Kristen Stewart is wearing your favorite Proenza outfit today. . .at the London press conference for New Moon.

crisabella said...

Emelie said...

You're gorgeous. I wish every 13 year old girl was like you, the world would be such a better place.

Anonymous said...

you are becoming more beautiful in every post. like OMG. you can pull off that short hair amazingly well!! i think id like a little longer.. maybe long pretty hair with middle part? idk i think you could work that.

ashley said...

you effing kill me with your humor.

rachelisdot...♡ said...

Just wanted to say that over the weekend, finally, my Space Girl T-shirt arrived. After x5 weeks and endless Royal Mail delivery strikes it came!!! Thank you Borders & Frontiers... and Tavi!

Kristen DiLandro said...

you look dynamite! as always, keep it rocking girle!

Sheik-Chan said...

This stands out. I looooove it! I just love loose clothing thrown together. Especially when the pieces make no sense all on their own but thrown together---it makes sense!

o.o Does that make sense? XD Ahhh...I'm out of it, but I had to reply to this. I like it alot..and now I want fruit roll ups!!!!!!!!!


Leeyong said...

you totally deserve every present that comes your way, if only for brightening up my day every time I read your blog! love love love!!!

Sammy said...

Greetings from England... it looks as though someone beat me to it, I was going to say check out Kristen Stewart wearing Proenza Schouler. She looks great. Love the alternative look she gives it and pulls it off effortlessly.

Unknown said...

ha i was about to mention kristen stewart also! lol ill just shut up and go ha ha x

bethy said...


i was also going to mention kristen stewart

link to a good photo:


julia said...

Oh you are so cute! :D And yeay you because you dare to be yourself. :)

IF you answer, then answer at

Jillian Hobbs said...

okay i know I should be swooning over the fact you just received a GORGEOUS top from Proenza Schouler but girl you are HILARIOUS

this post seriously had me laughing! hoep you are having a great weekend!

Mrs. Elanma said...

Hey, i really like your blog. The pictures of you are so cute.
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Ella, (Anne & Miki)

BOYWonder said...

those shoes are super cute!
Where are they from?

stars&lilies said...

yupp. someone already mentioned kristen stewart. we all need some color in our lives.

love your blog... i just started reading. :)

khdz said...

haha.. you are hilarious and adorable...
and you have free proenza schouler.
can we trade lives?

Anonymous said...

tjek min blog ud!

Rebecca Jane said...

that print is amazing. I would take it over a boring class any day.

Julia Fae said...

I love you , Tami! Youre choices, enthusiasm, descriptions and likings inspire me every time. xoxo!

James Galt said...

Awesome Photo!!!

Thats the elusive "I'm on my way to murder someone" runway model look. You should make this your trademark look "the Tavi". Apathetic and uninterested, bordering on disdain!

the photo kinda says:

"this town sux, I hate fruit-rollups! I'm just gonna hang out here by the side of the house and contemplate my life on the run as a freelance teenage runway model...I wonder how far I'll get in these shoes?"

Indahtyas Winasis said...


Villedela said...

Great colors, Tavi, and I love your shoes.

Villedela Goes to London

Chihiro said...

I love your style!
really great!

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love this picture of you!

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