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Hi! How are you? How was your weekend? What did you do? What'd you think of TaySwift on SNL? What'd you think of some sports event that took place these past couple days? How's your cat? How's your dog? How's your husband? The newborn?
No, not "You've taken up 90's Fruit Roll-Up Advertisment Photography?" (This photo was supposed to be...not lame.)
The news is that that top is just sort of kind of TOTALLY one of my favorite things I own, ever?
Lovely lovely Jack and Lazaro of Proenza Schouler sent it over from their Spring collection and I was so happy when I got it and really sad I was all gross and gym-class-y when it came because I wanted to try it on so bad. But now here we are. LOVE
I am obSESSED with this collection (it is partially responsible for my serious consideration of dying my hair blue) and had been figuring out how I could wait until it's all on sale on Yoox in a couple years to find anything from it but sometimes nice people do really nice things and I don't end up acting like Daria on a Monday!
I have to be honest, wearing this really does make you feel super cool and like a totally other person. I don't mean "You'll be a new woman! It'll transform your life! You'll be confident in your weight, and start dating again!" I mean I totally felt like I lived in Santa Cruz a couple decades ago and knew how to surf or skateboard or something. Good thing I didn't try because that would result in massive injuries and, more importantly, shirt stains!

Pretty rad. So in love.

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Obligatory artsy fartsy shot is obligatory.
But freals, this does NO justice to the vibrance of this print. When I was bored in school I would roll my sleeves up and then unroll them and it was like WHOA.

Oh I'm sorry, were we talking about your weekend?