the pinata that used slashes

I've developed a terrible habit from my post titles of using very confusing and personal inside jokes for everything I write, including schoolwork. I had to write a story and the majority of the dialogue was inside jokes with Karl. I, of course, crack up while reading them out loud to the class while my peers stared on as if I was TOTALLY CRAZY! Can you imagine anyone thinking that?!! Ahem, ANYWAY.
Sometimes this is a good thing, however. The person that sits next to me in writing asked for a Japanese name and made me assure that Yohji Yamamoto wasn't an existing person and that I had made it up. So now there's a story about Yohji Yamamoto being a ninja that beats up accountants. I always knew it was his destiny!
This outfit...print mixing? Vintage dress and skirt, gift, vintage belt, random socks, Comme des Garcons shirt, DIY'd headpiece constructed from a patch from an old H&M bag I had, a hairbow from the Mexican market on Olvera Street in LA, and a lace doily from Norway. Diverse!
But the shooooozzz! I was whining about how I can never find the white Pierre Hardy x Gaps in my size (or pretty much any size) and Camille was all awesome n stuff and we did a swap. These are seriously one of my pairs of dream shoes (Others include Westwood rockinghorses, Proenza AW09 sweater booties, McQueen armadillos, Rodarte nuts and bolts..) but this pair is probably the only one that was more in my reach and therefore necessary to own. They look perfect with everything, and are SHOCKINGLY comfortable (they're tall but it's mostly platform.) They're slightly big and I have to wear thick socks with them but I am still ~growing and ~changing, as the adults I see every day are sure to make a reminder of.
Lastlyyyy, my November/December issue of RUSSH came today which made me so happy and only made a 6 hour Freaks and Geeks marathon with Sophie even better (it's like we go to OUR school for 6 hours then go to basically the same one but with better people for another 6!)(screenshot taken from russh's site)
As always I am obsessed with their We love... feature. It is always always inspiring and, like the whole magazine, is just very nice to look at (and sometimes hug.) I also like that Russh pays attention to models in a way that other magazines don't, because as opposed to justifying their obession with so-and-so with "She's pretty!" they have fashion stories where the model has personality and character and isn't just supposed to look hot. I loved the model interview this issue with Daul Kim because she had rather interesting answers.
I need to find a Borders that has the September issue. The Badlands editorial was MINDBLOWING and I am even more of an idiot than already for having left it in a hotel.

I start each week as bitter as Daria mixed with Enid Coleslaw, then become Lindsay Weir and sort of switch between trying and not, then by the weekend I'm Millie and happy and wearing sweaters with sheep on them. Soooooo:

Short family trip this weekend. When you see me on Monday I'll be in my Doc Martens and complaining about every person on the face of the planet.