Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

Since it's taken me weeks to recover from how amazing it was and I think I am just barely able to write about it now.
From an infinite abyss of a runway projected on a runway projected on a runway and so forth came an army of creatures with armadillos for feet and cheekbones in massive 3-D. Flooding out of the creatures’ sculptured dresses were underwater and earthy prints in an unnatural and slightly eerie symmetry. The way these dresses seemed to become one with the models and the alien claw shoes clung to the feet, it was as if the clothes were saying “take me with you!” in reference to a journey we can assume these creatures would soon embark on to another world, and to the journey of grasping new technology creatively which could be successfully led only by the minds of Nick Knight and Alexander McQueen.Untitled 7Untitled 11Untitled 25Untitled 24Untitled 23Untitled 19
Untitled 21
I want to go there.