teddy bear

OH SO GLAD to read THIS about Yohji.
So in the spirit of Friday night insomnia and happy relief, a wrote a song for Lanvin's Spring show. I have nothing intelligent to say about it and will instead express my devotion with the following (To the tune of Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear):

I just want to be
Dressed by Elbaz, Alber
Chunky chains around my neck
A tulle cloud I shall wear
Oh let me be
Dressed by Alber

I don't wanna be a Wassonite
The look looks falsely rough
The new Ungaro also sucks
The tacky jersey hearts
ain't got my loveeeeeee

Sir Elbaz you are
Fashion's teddy bear
We all want to hug you around your bowtied neck
I love Lanvin
Its dresses I'd never share

*jazz hands*

Thinking of making this a weekly thing? No but really:

Untitled 4
Beautifullllll nude/cream/off-white color combinations, sort of all like a broken up monochrome look. Such perfect, classy pieces. Nice and Springy, totes approps. Also, a quilted dress- the third Chanel-bag-for-your-body of the season (Alexander Wang and Sonia Rykiel responsible for other glorious quilted contraptions.) A++++++
Untitled 3
Lovely warm colors. These cloud dresses are the stuff DREAMS are made of dudes, this is the real deal. So dramatic but so breezy. If I saw somebody in one of these on the street I would hug them and never let go. Well, maybe until I've robbed them of their apparel. Then I would scurry away.
Untitled 2
Bold and kind of obnoxious colors, totally classy though. I don't know how he does it. Also it's probably a good thing I didn't click the "Details" photos because then this post would be three times as long because Lanvin does the.best.jewelry.
Untitled 5
Ok, THIS is my favorite part. Shiny beaded blue, gold, brown, black altogether sounds awfully tacky but it's just PERFECT here. The tiny beading, the silhouettes...ugh ugh ugh. Alber (can I call you Alber?) said ideas for the collection started coming when he saw two old ladies, one in a turban and the other in head-to-toe beige, so incredibly stylish -- and then their daughters arrived wearing jeans and tshirts. The excessive amounts of jewelry and classy uses of color here are definitely a bit granny, but for a younger woman. Well, for a woman of any age, really. When I am older and buy my first Lanvin piece, it will carry me on through my grandmother years, to my motorcycle years, then through a weird veil phase and then back to grandmother. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL MAN.


b said...

The last look is basically what I would wear anytime, anyplace. Most likely if I were an aging socialite/female Karl Lagerfeld/drag queen/queen of IndiaSequinWorld. You have to look good while hobbling around.

ipopheart said...

That just made the remains of my lonely friday night. As I sat at home making collages and watching pretty in pink. alone

Olive Tee said...

definitely make it a weekly thing..I enjoyed it alot. Maybe you should become a song writer? haha and I love the *jazz hands*

Unknown said...

hi and Alber also makes me crazy~

laia. said...

i thought i loved this collection and then i looked at your picks (which are different from mine, and i love that) and now i love it even more!!
alber is a genius.


Emilie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily Cato said...

I vote on it to become a weekly thing! The last set I am completely and totally in love with. Although the green dress in the second to last set is gorgeous!

Get some sleep girl! :-p

Have a great weekend!

Soren Lorensen said...

what tune should i sing these lyrics too?

HussahT said...

Lanvin's collection is my favorite of the season. Love your blog by the way!

Gem said...

Haha great song!

Over Panic said...

Il est génial ton blog.
Fais un tour sur le mienne et dis moi se que tant pense.
La bise <3

superniko. said...

love it, girl ^____^

Helen said...

He is the loveliest man. He knows what women want to wear.

VintageLover said...

He's nothing short of genious and you should really indulge with the 'details' photos! I couldn't help but post a bunch my my blog :)

Emily said...

Hmmm... when I first looked at the Lanvin collection I didn't really like it, but now after I've seen it on your blog, it's definitely starting to grow on me!!!

Love the song, but it would be SO much better if it came with a dance :)


zoomslow said...

"scurry" :-))

allie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bobb said...

Thanks for the details of Yoji's bankruptcy. It looks like he will pull through:)

simonesays said...

Ooooh... I hadn't really seen the Lanvin pieces before you posted this, but I'm pretty sure I just fell in love.

Suze said...

i remember visiting your lbog when you weren't like 'famous' and all , bu tyou still are the coolest kid in the world. if i could i'd bring you to holland and just spend hours only watching your outfits. seriously. this is the best blog ever. i wish i was like you when i was 13

Manon V. said...

Hey miss !
I'm a teen french , and i speak a little english . You are on a french magazine , want you the scan ?

Chloe Tweeny said...

damn, you should be a professional songwriter! lol! wayy better than any of the generic crap i've been hearing on the radio lately!

R. said...

Hey Tavi!!!

I ur blog. I see you in a french magazine because I am french .
You've got a strange style and I love it!
can you do a jump in my blog but I'm sorry it's a french blog


lahlah said...


i love alber tooooo...

aah i love your BLOG!!!

i love3 it

Rebecca Jane said...

I was so in love with this collection as well = beautiful. And your song? Genius.

pippa pretty said...

Have you had a growth spurt? Anyway wanted to pass on a recommendation for the film The Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant. I think you'd appreciate the styling in this film.

Dana said...

I LOVE the colors in those. Those nudes are so amazing!

Katie said...

My favorite in the first set is the second one, it's perfect! In the second set I like the pink one, in the third set I love the pink and blue ones... I would wear those in a second!
On the fourth I like the third one the best... I like the gathering on the skirt.


bibi said...

great song and i love these pieces of lanvin,they are gorgeous
your blog is also amazing:D

Anonymous said...

all of those pieces are PERFECT, I would wear every single one.

Sarah Sá Couto said...

Tavi - What about Christopher Kane?

Mr. Jerry Seguin said...

exceptional. viva la alber!

Katy said...

He's definitely fashion's darling for a reason!

zoomslow said...

i really like the shiny beaded number on the far right! so much going on (it's like a treasure chest for the body), but then it's all so nicely controlled :-)

Kelci Taylor said...

this was most definitely my favorite collection thus far...however i've yet to see chloe and i hear it's hannah macgibbons best showing yet!! though i think i'll love both for different reasons...anyway tavi you'r the bomb...we should get coffee sometime.

Sarah Sá Couto said...

Mmmm, reminds me of Christopher Kane

Edwina Bulfrage said...

Wow he went really nuts on the draping this season! Big change from the 80s structure that seems to be infecting the rest of the world. Wow the cream story and the crazy nutso prints in the last picture really blew me away. He is truly a stylish man, like YSL in his Dior years he really seems to know how to woo a woman into his shops....if only I had an unlimited credit card and any access to a store like Lavin, oh the world would be so much lovelier.

linda said...

That's Enikő Mihalik on third photo. :)
Yupppe from Hungary!

Kerensa said...

Love the "Wassonite" couldn't agree with that more, or your gushing of Alber. I have loved every Lanvin collection for a long time now. Such a genius.

Jenni said...

my eyes just teared up a little at the beauty of it all.

Amanda Cooley said...

couldn't agree more...nail on the head. Oh Alber, your mind is a beautiful creation of God.

sofiasophie said...

I agree, the collection is delicate, feminine and very wearable (if you can afford it of course) wich is not the case of a lot of maison....

Fannikin said...



Simon said...


Pascal Grob said...

it was my favourite collection as well. alber and lucas also know how to impress with their men's collections :)

Anonymous said...

Hi gorgeous Tavi
I interviewed Alber Elbaz years ago back in the dark ages when I was a freelance fashion features writer for iD and you are right - he is a beautiful man and he is a teddy bear. I had just had my first baby Molly and he gave me a dog teddy to give her. I never sent him a thanku so I would like to say it now. Alber, if you are out there, you are a beautiful man and my daughter LOVED your teddy bear. She's still got it and I give it a big hug now and then and think of you - a rare dream of a man in a cut-throat (but fun) industry X Lucy RR
Enjoy your fame Tavi. You are a breath of fresh air and deserve the accolades.

Anonymous said...

I loved loved loved this collection, and I did dare to click on the "details" button, and I was forced to post a bunch of pictures of the jewelry because it was AMAZING...

Anonymous said...

I loved loved loved this collection, and I did dare to click on the "details" button, and I was forced to post a bunch of pictures of the jewelry because it was AMAZING...

Denise said...

Thank you for sharing in the way you did w/ the recent Lanvin collection, I didn't see it this way, and it's so lovely!

Unknown said...

This man is probably the cutest I've ever seen

Emma Hoareau said...

He is a genius man, I would wear everything he does.


Tavi fabulous song & you couldn't be anymore right with those lyrics. I too would looove to be dripping in Lanvin & yes i think there are to many "Wassonite" wannabe's (or should i say certain bloggers) out there trying way too hard to replicate her style & sensibility. (She herself is an original & I appreciate how she puts it together). But there are waaay to many clones of her out there now, plus i feel like there are a million other ways to look "rad". i mean look at Proenza or Lanvin.....If i saw a girl in any of those looks i would just pass out because they look so hot & chic!

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E. Fisher said...

alber elbaz is actually my favorite person ever...
p.s. i love your blog

Skaie(sky) said...

Tavi, I don't know who Alber Elbaz is, but I will. Teachers come in many forms...the best are those who live their passion so that people like me can continue to be inspired to live in mine. You rock little woman.

Skaie (sky)

Megan said...

Who could resist?


More of these would be great, to summarize collections and such, so perfect!


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