teddy bear

OH SO GLAD to read THIS about Yohji.
So in the spirit of Friday night insomnia and happy relief, a wrote a song for Lanvin's Spring show. I have nothing intelligent to say about it and will instead express my devotion with the following (To the tune of Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear):

I just want to be
Dressed by Elbaz, Alber
Chunky chains around my neck
A tulle cloud I shall wear
Oh let me be
Dressed by Alber

I don't wanna be a Wassonite
The look looks falsely rough
The new Ungaro also sucks
The tacky jersey hearts
ain't got my loveeeeeee

Sir Elbaz you are
Fashion's teddy bear
We all want to hug you around your bowtied neck
I love Lanvin
Its dresses I'd never share

*jazz hands*

Thinking of making this a weekly thing? No but really:

Untitled 4
Beautifullllll nude/cream/off-white color combinations, sort of all like a broken up monochrome look. Such perfect, classy pieces. Nice and Springy, totes approps. Also, a quilted dress- the third Chanel-bag-for-your-body of the season (Alexander Wang and Sonia Rykiel responsible for other glorious quilted contraptions.) A++++++
Untitled 3
Lovely warm colors. These cloud dresses are the stuff DREAMS are made of dudes, this is the real deal. So dramatic but so breezy. If I saw somebody in one of these on the street I would hug them and never let go. Well, maybe until I've robbed them of their apparel. Then I would scurry away.
Untitled 2
Bold and kind of obnoxious colors, totally classy though. I don't know how he does it. Also it's probably a good thing I didn't click the "Details" photos because then this post would be three times as long because Lanvin does the.best.jewelry.
Untitled 5
Ok, THIS is my favorite part. Shiny beaded blue, gold, brown, black altogether sounds awfully tacky but it's just PERFECT here. The tiny beading, the silhouettes...ugh ugh ugh. Alber (can I call you Alber?) said ideas for the collection started coming when he saw two old ladies, one in a turban and the other in head-to-toe beige, so incredibly stylish -- and then their daughters arrived wearing jeans and tshirts. The excessive amounts of jewelry and classy uses of color here are definitely a bit granny, but for a younger woman. Well, for a woman of any age, really. When I am older and buy my first Lanvin piece, it will carry me on through my grandmother years, to my motorcycle years, then through a weird veil phase and then back to grandmother. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL MAN.