sophie loves the mac and cheese dinosaur, which sounds like the name of a garage band aspiring to be like animal collective

Today's outfit was kind of inspired by John Galliano aw09/I just really wanted to wear this skirt my friend Sheba gave me. Sunday we had a number of adventures and went to the fashion archives of the school at the Art Institute and they had every issue of Vogue and Mademoiselle and Bazaar since the 1910's and Comme des Garcons from the 80's and a dress from the first Prada RTW collection and videos of runway shows since the 80's and it was heaven and I felt reborn and like I had to rethink my life and as if everything I've ever seen except the video of the CdG show from the mid-90's was MEANINGLESS.

But that's all for another time. Clearly it has made me a very serious person though:
vintage skirt, boots, necklace, bolero. hairbow from mexican market. headband by jennifer loiselle. olive tights, idk. yokoo belt thing. death stare, bob dylan in this scarring video.

More Baby Lynnie/Queen of Hearts lips! I heard "Lady Gaga" about 5 times today and wanted to throw overly sharp pencils at the comparers. But Elizabeth's Gaga Jackolantern is about the coolest thing I've ever seen (along with the CdG video of course.) I am so excited for Halloween! Whatchewbein? I am going to be a creepy doll with this lipstick and zombie eyes painted and false lashes on my eyelids so I can walk around with my eyes closed and scare moms that dress up as slutty nurses and share Tucker Max jokes with their other mom friends. Then Ella and I are going to watch Beetlejuice and Rosemary's Baby and accompany a really unhealthy amount of candy with more heart attacks and not being able to fall asleep. DON'T BE JEALOUS, IT'S HARD I KNOW.
It was supposed to look like my head sticking out of the leaves but I ended up just looking like a creep that likes to hang out in bushes. Which is fine, but as a proper creep I would like to make it clear that I prefer dungeons to bushes, where you're around, like, nature and stuff.
I just need a couple hours to watch Ghost World and then I'll have cleansed all my bitterness.

Edit: details!
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