But I cannot TRY to put it into werrrrdssszzz. So an outfit from earlier this week:
The scarf is from the AWESOME Wendy at Ooga Booga. She made it for the Rodarte pop up shop at Colette and had an extra which I gleefully received in the mail. It's dyed yellow and purple and reminds me of scarves my grandpa used to make, and there are cats and dogs printed on them which only makes them even MORE cute. This is a really simple outfit with it (hi waking up really tired and late for school) but I wanted to make the scarf the centerpoint..

I made tshirts and totes with Borders & Frontiers and zines of my own for the pop up. The tees and totes have the signature Rodarte knit print and American Gothic wearing Rodarte. American Gothic is used for seriously EVERYTHING but Kate and Laura Mulleavy are one of American fashion's great prides and their clothes have been described as gothic a billllion times. So it's like a dad pun in tshirt form, har har har. Har? We only made about 20 of each style I believe.And the zine. I'll post all the scans on Flickr once I have them but for now these are a few of my favorite spreads from it.
There are awkward weird spaces where I would have filled in the zine # and my name. 11 copies were actually made - this copy I kept, and then 2 were given to the women at my dad's work that helped put them together. There are 8 at Colette.
(I don't think you can tell from the picture but the title is in quotation marks!)
BEAUTIFULIKNOW. I wish I could be at Colette right now because apparently there's a bat covered in spikes that I would really love to hit people with and a bunch of little Rodarte rag dolls wearing mini Rodarte looks that I would love to carry with me everywhere. Colette is just another reason for me to talk about Paris being my magical dream destination and for Eden to call me a cliche when I talk about Paris being my magical dream destination. Also the Colette website has cool music and when I open up a bunch of different tabs with different clothes I know I can't afford they all mesh together and sound like a weird trippy spoken word thing and IT'S COOL.

Need sleep.