meow meow miu laia

I was completely feeling Miu Miu this season. Dudes, you KNOW I want pictures of naked people printed on MY pants!
Untitled 5Untitled 8
The colors were so spot on. Perfect shades of nude and light pink, navy and black and light blue, and red every now and then. And towards the end things got a bit more BLINGy, and some weird crumpled paper bag shoulders were added (all also rad.) There are some shows where I just want to go in and alter everything and jab pins into the models' backs but Miu Miu was so clean cut and perfect.
Untitled 3
And looking at the collection in a less fangirly, "OMG CATS!1" way (I LOVE the cats!), the concept was applied without being too vague (such as, I hate to say it, but Prada's..) or too literal. It was all about youth. And not youth as in Miuccia Prada saying "The Miu Miu girl is young and flirty, confident, loves to party and hang out with her friends, but is also someone you can talk to!" But
Untitled 2
It all is very innocent feeling with the humorous prints and colors and braids but there still is a really interesting tension in all of the looks, both individually and next to each other, that isn't necessarily "youthful" but is still very much a part of youth. I think that's what I mean?Untitled 6
Oh, and on a funny note, I honestly thought for a sec that the look third from the left was supposed to be like "YOUTH-not being able to fill a bra." Oops? Seriously though!
Anyway more perfection:Untitled 7
I have to go hound my sisters to see if they have any of these since I didn't get many years of the 90's. Wait, they would've been like, 8. So nevermind. To the thrift store...

PS. Marry me, Miuccia.