eeeeeeeeeeegs (eden)

Heyyyyy it's been awhile since one o them outfit posts. Hi, outfit post. How's it goin.
Today I wore the dress that the wonderful folks at Modcloth gave to and named after all of us Weardrobe conference people, awsofunsentimenttear. I miss Weardrobe! I miss mah gurls. I miss when Arthur was good and his voice was not pubescent and D.W.'s voice wasn't annoying as Emanuel Ungaro hiring Lindsay Lohan, which I'm not even going to talk about because we all know it was basically what it would look like if Claire's Accesories did a clothing line. But mostly I miss mah gurls.
weardrobe modcloth dress
Um, I like baby pink and textures? The fluffy thing is a ruffled bolero from Kirsty Lee tied really strangely, the pink thing underneath is part of an old back-of-the-closet dress, Epic Leggings Of Death from Nice and Shiny (<3333), href="">Modcloth black dress, thrifted cardigan, I Love Factory hat, necklace from Louise, shoes from Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Changing for gym class was a pain.

I've been doing a weird pompadour-ish thing for about a week now but today I did it then wanted to wear my awesome hat from Laurel and Christopher at I Love Factory so you don't see the pomp part and it looks like I have an awkward combover. [insert joke about actually being a 40 year old man/JT Leroy/Tomas.]
A classmate of mine continues to ask me probably about 5 times a day when I wear my hair as such if I'm part of the Mafia. Yeah, I don't get it either. Actually, I think almost everyone in my class now knows about the blog, which is about as awkward as my faux-combover (not that I am advocating faux combovers. Why would you pretend to have a combover? But yougetwhatimasayin.) A number of commenters here and people I talked to at Fashion Week wanted to know what my peers thought of all this but they didn't know so I couldn't answer. Well, and I also thought that by peers they meant "pee-ers," like people that pee, and I didn't know what to say about that either. I don't know though, they're nice about it? The blog doesn't really matter to anyone, my outfits still get stares and in the spirit of being a good little pretentious alternative///kid , that's no problem to me. There's a misconception that I can get Jay-Z for the graduation dance (should probably clear that up before a That's So Raven episode occurs) (please tell me I'm not the only one that remembers the Boyz in Motion?) but otherwise middle school is middle school and as long as I have a lunch period and can create impractical things out of plexiglass for my Chopping Wood and Stuff class, s'all good. Oh, and sometimes we watch really awful old commercials where penguins manufacture cigarettes in first period. That part's fun, too.