awesome stylish nyfw people part 2

Continued from theeeees (to those who asked, I do not know where Naomi Nevitt got her shoes from..)
BB and me
Bryanboy, perhaps the fiercest and most HYPER (maybe it was just 'cause he was at Marc?) person I have ever met. Fly!!
Bill Cunningham in his blue coat photographing Bryanboy
Bill Cunningham is probably the only person who I love MORE when they swat me away by grumbling. I great. The blue coat, oh the blue coat!
Connie Wang lookin cute at Ervell
Connie Wang at Patrick Ervell. What is this sheer polka dot button down? I need it?
Betty Spaghetti
White Lightning's ALTER EGO.
Casting Director extraordinaire Jen Vendetti in Comme des Garcons + Balenciaga
I love this woman. Jen Vendetti being a spy with a walkie talkie backstage at Rodarte. Comme des Garcons and Balenciaga and a flower hat veil thing that reminds me of this really weird yogurt contraption my mom always eats? In a good way of course. Like ooooh pretty colors.
Kirkwood thigh highs at Rodarte
Creeper picture of the thigh high Kirkwoods at Rodarte.

I had also had feet stalker pictures of Sarah from Colette in the CdG toe doodle shoes but it got up and ran away. Evil!