for the boy with the string cheese legs

Hey guys, remember like, around this time a year ago, when I was semi creative and actually edited pictures and tried to make them look pretty and stuff? Yeah. That was nice. I am SLOWLY getting back to that...slowly. This is from a couple weeks ago:IMG_9374
The pompadour! And Baby Lynnie/Creepy doll lips! This is my new jam you guys, I can feel it. It is perfectly complimented by this creepy stare, like those mean 1800's school teachers at field trips to "settlements" that are supposed to be like the olden days or whatever. More on Flickr, because I never edit my pictures the same way and they look stupid together. Oh the woes of a neurotic...

T: Since some people have asked about the lips: I didn't use a skin tone layer first, just plain simple drawing a heart with lip liner and lipstick. I think I used some type of Wet n' Wild thing that is probably really old and gross and from the 90's and was once worn with a family member's tiny butterfly hair clips and bandannas, but any regular ole lipstick should do..

I am doing my best to get back to everyone's emails but I think it'll help if I can link some people to my FAQ and answer a question a number of readers seem to want to know the answer to.
I can't tell anyone how to make their blog "good" or "popular" and I hope no one decides they can, either. The only advice I can offer is to write about what you care about and have fun, which sounds really cheesy and is something we've all heard before but only because it's true.. By now everyone and their mom has a fashion blog so there are lots to choose from if a reader isn't pleased with yours, so why try to please them? And since there ARE so many blogs now, nothing wrong with standing out from the usual stereotype, of course. Go with yourself, go with yourself, go with yourself.