it might be the time to start taking lonely walks on rainy nights:

It is a sad, sad day when you like a designer's resort collection better than their Ready to Wear.Prada Resort 2010Prada RTW Spring 2010

I mean...the more I look at Spring the more I like it, but Prada's resort was kind of AMAZING, and the Spring collection looked more Resort-y than most Resort collections from any designer (looks 16-20, anyone? bueller?) I mean, the resort made me want that diarrhea colored backdrop the color of my bedroom walls! But the idea for the Spring collection was very interesting, and the Copa Cabana prints I am starting to think are a little awesome, like the Balenciaga spandex top with the jungle print that looks like it would be on a 500-piece puzzle box? At least they're resort prints that are beachy and not Jewish-grandpa-living-in-Boca-Raton?

I am so torn. I have some thinking to do.

In the words of that guy from Zoombinis for whom you must make pizza, Something Is Not Right.