i'm like an old lady that photographs her weird stuffed animals.like a cat lady, but with weird stuffed animals.

Super old outfit. I had Comme and Marc in mind but I don't really know how?
Untitled 3gMarc Jacobs tee, American Apparel mesh dress, childhood closet skirt thingy, Slow and Steady Wins the Race brooch, UglyDoll named Peaco, and thrifted fuzzy black perfect chunky heel love obsessed so perfect JESUS boots.

I feel like a lame not having much to say about this outfit because it's my favorite one I've worn in a while! I think I added Peaco because it felt too boring otherwise, and not obnoxious enough (nevermind the neon pink!) Add a toy and it's obnoxious AND kitschy! There were many awkward moments at school when I didn't remember she was there and couldn't figure out why people were grabbing for my knee and lower thigh.

Peaco, Tray, Toodee, Minimum Wage, Bop n Beep, Target, Babo, and Ice Bat.

My friend and I have been collecting UglyDolls since we were in probably 3rd grade. We were children that got allowance for shoving their messy rooms into their closets and under their beds, so spent obscene amounts of money on obscene stuffed animals. We stopped collecting eventually when we realized that things like, y'know, books, and clothes, existed, but still love them. Whenever we visit the local store we always used to get them at we feel like old men going to a college reunion but where...like...new people decided they went to your college 60 years ago even when they didn't...meaning, you know...new Ugly Dolls that we don't know have been created...and we don't know who they are....um...hehn hehn....hehn...did you hear the one about the...um...yeah I'm not great at analogies *awkward*

Anyways, this is only my half of the collection, which my friend and I know because they're the only ones that smell like dog pee.

OKAY, OKAY, enough of these little childrens dolls. We need to get high-fashion now. Look! Jumping!Hope everyone is having a good weekend!