GUYS, guys.
$35 Monarch hairclip, found via Winona (who, bee tee dubz, has a book coming out that I cannot WAIT to get.)
Isabella Blow.

Y/Y/Y/Y/Y/N/YYYYY? Y. Y indeed.


I think at some point in my love affair with clothing I wanted to have an "effortless" looking style, but at this point I'm much happier in lots of jewelry and layers than a tee shirt and skinny jeans ("model-off-duty style!") even if it's obvious I spent a ridiculous amount of time putting it together. Consuelo Castiglioni, however, finds a place between these two that is just right -- not easy-breezy and not overkillingly detailed, just fun. The colors and prints are kind of blowing my mind and the mild pirate-beach feel is perfect for making the collection more distinguishably Spring.
Long live the house of Marni, and long live fun!

i'm like an old lady that photographs her weird stuffed a cat lady, but with weird stuffed animals.

Super old outfit. I had Comme and Marc in mind but I don't really know how?
Untitled 3gMarc Jacobs tee, American Apparel mesh dress, childhood closet skirt thingy, Slow and Steady Wins the Race brooch, UglyDoll named Peaco, and thrifted fuzzy black perfect chunky heel love obsessed so perfect JESUS boots.

I feel like a lame not having much to say about this outfit because it's my favorite one I've worn in a while! I think I added Peaco because it felt too boring otherwise, and not obnoxious enough (nevermind the neon pink!) Add a toy and it's obnoxious AND kitschy! There were many awkward moments at school when I didn't remember she was there and couldn't figure out why people were grabbing for my knee and lower thigh.

Peaco, Tray, Toodee, Minimum Wage, Bop n Beep, Target, Babo, and Ice Bat.

My friend and I have been collecting UglyDolls since we were in probably 3rd grade. We were children that got allowance for shoving their messy rooms into their closets and under their beds, so spent obscene amounts of money on obscene stuffed animals. We stopped collecting eventually when we realized that things like, y'know, books, and clothes, existed, but still love them. Whenever we visit the local store we always used to get them at we feel like old men going to a college reunion but people decided they went to your college 60 years ago even when they didn't...meaning, you Ugly Dolls that we don't know have been created...and we don't know who they hehn....hehn...did you hear the one about I'm not great at analogies *awkward*

Anyways, this is only my half of the collection, which my friend and I know because they're the only ones that smell like dog pee.

OKAY, OKAY, enough of these little childrens dolls. We need to get high-fashion now. Look! Jumping!Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

it might be the time to start taking lonely walks on rainy nights:

It is a sad, sad day when you like a designer's resort collection better than their Ready to Wear.Prada Resort 2010Prada RTW Spring 2010

I mean...the more I look at Spring the more I like it, but Prada's resort was kind of AMAZING, and the Spring collection looked more Resort-y than most Resort collections from any designer (looks 16-20, anyone? bueller?) I mean, the resort made me want that diarrhea colored backdrop the color of my bedroom walls! But the idea for the Spring collection was very interesting, and the Copa Cabana prints I am starting to think are a little awesome, like the Balenciaga spandex top with the jungle print that looks like it would be on a 500-piece puzzle box? At least they're resort prints that are beachy and not Jewish-grandpa-living-in-Boca-Raton?

I am so torn. I have some thinking to do.

In the words of that guy from Zoombinis for whom you must make pizza, Something Is Not Right.

i can tell that we are gonna be friends

Methinks the sporty Japanese minimalism part of the 90's are making tiny appearances in wedge/flat form and I am SO ON BOARD. Are you? Yes, you. ARE YOU ON BOARD?

From top: Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Y-3. Did I miss any other wedgey sandal flat palllllllls?
Real reviews coming after homework but basically: New York was way better than usual, London was worse than usual :( , Basso & Brooke was like Cushnie et Ochs with prints, and I love Sarah Mower for calling out House of Holland for being tacky and lazy.

photos, and laia

unless you follow derek blasberg on twitter and already read about my every move and outfit detail

GUYS, guys. Can we talk about Charles Anastase? NO, NO WE CANNOT, because I will go nuts if I don't finish NY reviews first.
So, uh, I'm in North Dakota right now? And kind of forgot about it? Coming back from NY was weird and I didn't want to travel AGAIN but we're in the middle of nowhere and it's very lovely and mind-clearing. We went to the Badlands yesterday and it was really beautiful. Still though, I'm excited to come home and not have to do anything but normal homework and stuff. I'm excited to clean my room, which is weird. But anyways, outfits from Fashion Week..
via all the pretty birds
I wore this last Saturday? I think? Or five years ago? Or something? Really I just wanted to wear the skirt because it was a gift from the awesome Christian Siriano and his show was Saturday but taxis hate Laia and me and traffic is icky and we couldn't even go. Fail.
But from the skirt on it was pretty much just supposed to be old lady/Marc Jacobs-y? Sure, yeah sure. That sounds good when it's 6 AM. (when I started writing this yesterday)
Headpiece made out of a Baggu holder and old guitar strap
Miu Miu top, gift (<<<<<<333333)>
Button down, hand-me-down (every time I told people "hand-me-down" they seemed to be very amused)
Chrisitan Siriano skirt
We Love Colors tights (awesome Weardrobe conference sponsors..and I still have that to write about too)
Pearls n pearlz, gifts.
American Apparel pink mesh dress tied around waist
Thrifted belt
Shoes found in our basement (which is gross until I remember they are velvet and I love them.)via the cobrasnake
These are the hand motions of PURE POETRY.
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This one is from Saturday night at the Alexander Wang & Katie Grand party. Alex is like this little imp that I want to put in a box and build a little house. If you think this is creepy you would be incorrect.
Dress is from Beacon's Closet, which was one of the stops at the Weardrobe conference. The selection was kind of like any other vintage store (minus a pair of teacup/Galliano-ish shoes I snatched up) but more expensive and angrier staff? I like what we all got though.
Lots and lots of random necklaces...
The purse was a gift from Hayden Harnett and it's my new favorite thing.
Vintage hat, gift.
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Wow this is very quickly becoming a "look, more famous people" post, ack!
This was Sunday at Y-3 (WHICH WAS SO AMAZING AND I HAVE THE MOST AMAZING STORY FROM IT) with Geordan and Leigh from The Misshapes.
The shirt is from the shoot for Pop. In its prime it was covered with newspaper shreds, made the day after Michael Jackson died, but as Sunday wore on it slowly fell apart (like Michael, as Laia pointed out. HEY NOW, metaphors n fashun!) Also, when you wear shirts with glued-on newspaper in the future, keep in mind that taking a nap in it is not a good idea.
The skirt is from the Barney's Warehouse Sale I went to on the last day of the Weardrobe conference with my dad and Laia. It was a very scary day, especially since it was the last day of the sale, but I got out alive and with what I think was the only Comme des Garcons clothing they had left (there were Tao shoes, but they were too big for me and too triple-digited on the price tag.) It is like a sleeping bag and I looove the way it hangs.
Narsty thrifted desert boots.
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Yeah team! Elizabeth and Laia and me at Patrick Ervell (which was really really good and will get a further, eventually.) Sunday night we all got pizza with Steve and the genius behind Should Be On the Nanny and ADF and Kat. Polio gave all of us nicknames, such as: Febreze van Noten, Duhlaia (Laia), Extravaganva Schouler, Brodarte, and Sugar Ray Kawakubo (guess whooooo.)
via wwd
This was from Monday for Zero + Maria Cornejo, Chris Benz, Thakoon, Patrick Ervell and Marc Jacobs. It is SO ANNOYING to merely mention these when there is so much I want to say about all of them.
Luella jacket that was 75% off and calling my name. Long time readers know I have tried to reenact its runway look too many times, it was kind of FATE.
Cheongsam, gift.
Rodarte tights, gift.
Epic teacup/Galliano shoes I was talking about from Beacon's closet. They deserve a better picture later.
Porcelain doll stuffed upside down in pocket, gift from when I was like 5. (The whole outfit was kind of REGAL, the doll made it sort of funny? I crack myself up, at least.)
Tuesday's outfit will go in another post, all this TYPING and BRAIN USING is making me tired. Tuesday night's involved an unfolded chinese carton on the head, though. Maybe I'll wear it to school one of these days in the hopes of decapitating...someone. Hyuk.

a peek into REAL intellectualism, u guis

Real review of the Alexander Wang show over at the Pop blog, and here I will try and decipher notes I made during the show. At the beginning of Fashion Week I developed what I thought was an ingenious plan to TAKE NOTES DURING SHOWS (gasp!) in the hopes that some passionate poetic masterpiece would pour out of my quill (okay, Papermate pen) upon seeing the shows. Um, fail?

-"Ashish Topshop heels but AWESOME" -- Ah yes, I believe I was enthralled by the amazing animal print wedges and the power of capital letters.-"Sweatshirt corset, meh" -- I was not enthralled the sweatshirt corset.-"Bedsheet coat OMG WAIT Morning After coat *get patented" -- You know the coat from the collection with the bedsheet-like material streaming out the back? Yeah. I'm dubbing it "The Morning After Coat." And getting it copyrighted.-"Aviator cap zips to cape" -- Good job me, you know how to see things and spell a seven letter word.
-"Alex is more deconstructing than ever before" -- I think I wrote this so dramatically thinking I would rush out of the studio and yell "Stop the presses!" and run to a hotel in the 20's to sit down at a typewriter and write things like "...THAN EVER BEFORE!" with great gusto? Or something?
-"Olive tent coats/skirts via CdG aw09?" -- Ooh, look, actual observation! The Morning After Coat *C with circle around it* reminded me of those olive coats from Comme aw09 with plaid fabrics streaming out the upper backs. You know the one? I'm still a little iffy about it. I may need to somehow steal both so I can compare. I would use them for these business reasons only, of course.
-"Some shorts/undies/pants layering is awk?" -- Yeah, there was some weird layering in the lower abdomen area that makes me wiggle of discomfort.-"Cuts not as discrete and amazing as Cushnie" -- What's with this sudden load of bitterpill? Anyways, the futuristic-like cuts were not as great as those at Cushnie et Ochs, and I still think so (however, Cushnie cuts would not have been Wang-like, so this is a minor issue.)
-"Bed!!! quilted shorts + bedsheets" -- I'm telling you, there was serious bed stuff! Bedsheets coats and quilted shorts! Requires three exclamation points! Sidenote: The shorts are totally going to be sold at Opening Ceremony. Just wait for it.-"SINGLASSES" The sunglasses were kind of incredible. They are like Enid Coleslaw+50's diners (authentic ones, not Wowsville)+vintage cars+that one picture of Kate Moss with the thing and the thing (yes, that one.) Want.-"McQueen moto bootie?" -- The leather jacket-like shoe was a bit similar to another Alexander's version, but I prefer Wang's because it is less costume-y and kitschy but still clearly inspired by.-"LEATHER quilted shorts!" -- Still dig em, always will.-"Leather quilted sweatshirt Slow + Steady?" -- The leather quilted sweatshirt reminded me a lot of something Mary Ping would do for Slow and Steady Wins the Race, not in a bad or knock-off way, though.-"♥♥" -- Does this need translation? Bravo!! Let's celebrate with bad videotaping skills!

Overall I loved the collection and it definitely went beyond my expectations (meaning..way less club girl than recent seasons!) So looking forward to what Alexander Wang shows next season, but I think those quilted leather shorts will keep me quite happy until then!



What. an. insane. night.
Like I said before, the real review in which I articulate will be at my Pop blog, but for now?