a peek into REAL intellectualism, u guis

Real review of the Alexander Wang show over at the Pop blog, and here I will try and decipher notes I made during the show. At the beginning of Fashion Week I developed what I thought was an ingenious plan to TAKE NOTES DURING SHOWS (gasp!) in the hopes that some passionate poetic masterpiece would pour out of my quill (okay, Papermate pen) upon seeing the shows. Um, fail?

-"Ashish Topshop heels but AWESOME" -- Ah yes, I believe I was enthralled by the amazing animal print wedges and the power of capital letters.-"Sweatshirt corset, meh" -- I was not enthralled the sweatshirt corset.-"Bedsheet coat OMG WAIT Morning After coat *get patented" -- You know the coat from the collection with the bedsheet-like material streaming out the back? Yeah. I'm dubbing it "The Morning After Coat." And getting it copyrighted.-"Aviator cap zips to cape" -- Good job me, you know how to see things and spell a seven letter word.
-"Alex is more deconstructing than ever before" -- I think I wrote this so dramatically thinking I would rush out of the studio and yell "Stop the presses!" and run to a hotel in the 20's to sit down at a typewriter and write things like "...THAN EVER BEFORE!" with great gusto? Or something?
-"Olive tent coats/skirts via CdG aw09?" -- Ooh, look, actual observation! The Morning After Coat *C with circle around it* reminded me of those olive coats from Comme aw09 with plaid fabrics streaming out the upper backs. You know the one? I'm still a little iffy about it. I may need to somehow steal both so I can compare. I would use them for these business reasons only, of course.
-"Some shorts/undies/pants layering is awk?" -- Yeah, there was some weird layering in the lower abdomen area that makes me wiggle of discomfort.-"Cuts not as discrete and amazing as Cushnie" -- What's with this sudden load of bitterpill? Anyways, the futuristic-like cuts were not as great as those at Cushnie et Ochs, and I still think so (however, Cushnie cuts would not have been Wang-like, so this is a minor issue.)
-"Bed!!! quilted shorts + bedsheets" -- I'm telling you, there was serious bed stuff! Bedsheets coats and quilted shorts! Requires three exclamation points! Sidenote: The shorts are totally going to be sold at Opening Ceremony. Just wait for it.-"SINGLASSES" The sunglasses were kind of incredible. They are like Enid Coleslaw+50's diners (authentic ones, not Wowsville)+vintage cars+that one picture of Kate Moss with the thing and the thing (yes, that one.) Want.-"McQueen moto bootie?" -- The leather jacket-like shoe was a bit similar to another Alexander's version, but I prefer Wang's because it is less costume-y and kitschy but still clearly inspired by.-"LEATHER quilted shorts!" -- Still dig em, always will.-"Leather quilted sweatshirt Slow + Steady?" -- The leather quilted sweatshirt reminded me a lot of something Mary Ping would do for Slow and Steady Wins the Race, not in a bad or knock-off way, though.-"♥♥" -- Does this need translation? Bravo!! Let's celebrate with bad videotaping skills!

Overall I loved the collection and it definitely went beyond my expectations (meaning..way less club girl than recent seasons!) So looking forward to what Alexander Wang shows next season, but I think those quilted leather shorts will keep me quite happy until then!