i don't even know.

WTF IS THIS.Vogue Paris, September 2009.

THAT FONT. I MEAN..WHAT. It's called Curlz. With a z. It's almost as bad as Comic Sans and is infamous for its many appearances in numerous MS Word documents and 8 year old birthday party invitations. I used it for my 8 year old birthday party invitation. I could pull up GREETINGS WORKSHOP and show you.

Also, I am certain this is not something that the people over at The Fash Pack pasted onto the photo, because, being the hard-hitting journalist I am that will not rest until the truth is revealed, I googled the name of the editorial (Googled, you guys. I don't mess around.) and every scan I've seen has this terrible writing in that terrible Polly Pocket shade (ok, I actually love Polly Pocket, but there is a time and a place.)

And I know Vogue Paris loves being controversial but this is not even supposed to be bad, I don't think. It's not like they did the whole model-giving-the-finger-to-a-sign-protesting-fur thing. They just think it's ~bitchin, I suppose. Or edgy or sexy or whatever else they always aim for.

I don't know you guys. I just. don't. know.

And because I am basically Jim Henson in 13 year old girl form without the puppets but DEFINITELY WITH THE SAME OPTIMISM (sarcasm, though the following is 100% genuine,) I will say that Sasha looks ACE. As always. She should've decided on the font. She should've BEEN the font. It would just be a Bye Bye Birdie lyric made out of little Sashas, like that book we have somewhere from the 90's about The Human Body where the title is a bunch of kids in primary colored tshirts and jeans and converse and they all make up the title.

photo source thefashpack