in which i make myself seem really intellectual, sophisticated, et cetera

It's Chicago's hottest day of the wear and I'm wearing three head things, three skirts, my favorite shirt that should really not get sweated in, and socks with heels. And you know what? I WILL LIKE IT, AND THE WEATHER WILL LEARN TO ENJOY IT.
If not, Weather, I will kick you with these wooden wedges (I can somehow walk actually amazingly in) and strangle you with my cage skirt. Then I will blind you with a video Sophie took of me DANCING (oh yes, it is painful) and the forces of my Yokoo headpiece will overthrow your asshat-edness.This is my "rolling with the homies while looking like an old lady/airplane/japanophile" outfit.
And OH YES, that is a Comme des Garcons shirt. That was maybe purchased really sneakily. Will take a better picture laterzzzzz.