whaddup summer, part uno: outfits

This is part one of the Summer Round-Up Posts (they're very official, with capital letters and everything) and these are some outfits for the style diary part of this blawgy blawg. Dorky tourist photos and an obsession with staples and W Magazine to follow!hussein chalayan printed dress. dessous white dress, gift. ann demeulemeester purple mesh dress borrowed from the weardrobe closet.
This is the "I just chanted Torah and this was my favorite Chalayan collection ever and I love space ruins and school just got out so yay and it's on sale so you know what I'm getting it" dress, bought a few months ago. I kind of wish I hadn't bought it now, to be honest, and to be even more honest I think part of what compelled me to buy it was the whole buying-into-a-lifestyle thing, which I didn't recognize at the time but probably knew on a subconscious level. Practically, I wish I hadn't bought it-especially since fashion and art books are so expensive!-but I do love it and it is ridonculously beautiful. Maybe in a couple years I'll all of a sudden discover a newly found appreciation for the dress and be way more happy with it and pat meself on me back for buying it. One thing I know is that I'll always love clothes, and that I will be wearing most of what I own now even when I'm adult. What's your worst story of buyer's remorse?

ANYWAY, the ~inspiration~~ for this was the Comme des Garcons SS 97 and SS 94, and the Hussein Chalayan SS 09 collection my dress is from. I'd like to think it looks kind of like a frozen moment in time. If I could have any super power it would definitely be time travel.
thrifted polka dot skirt. green gingham dress, gift. hand-me-down tank. rowena sartin tote via iko iko. tsumori chisato socks. asos wedges.
Um, I wanted to be obnoxious and have to keep adjusting safety pins all day? Seriously though, I've become kind of obsessed with this sock-wedge combo. Alison from Tsumori Chisato was really awesome and sent over these beeyootiful socks which I swear are invincible to SWEAT. They are 100% silk and 200% magic. I have been wearing them grossly often and they are not yet gross, somehow?! I also just realized these wedges (80% off, juuuuust sayin) are knockoffs of two pairs of Marnis combined which makes me feel like a hypocrite since I argue
constantly with my friends about knockoffs/the integrity of the artist/designer prices. (I will maybe post a rant about such eventually.) I like to wear them when I listen to Janis Ian and read magazines. Luckily I bike more than I walk, and you can't bike in heels, so I don't wear these often enough to ruin my future of having non-deformed feet. My mom likes to scare me with google images.

random necklaces. laia tee. vintage leather pants, gift. yokoo bow. asos wedges.
I received Laia's tee and wanted to wear it and also wear pants for the first time in ever.

laia tee. thrifted necklace and skort. maggie moscow headband, gift.
I think this skort was made for a third grader whose mom was trying out her patchwork skills because she was either a), appointed head of the Happy Retirement Mrs. Teachername quilt, or b), appointed head of the school play costume department. YOU DECIDE.
This bow is PERFECT. And makes me miss London.

This is an "I like awkwardness!" outfit, with Junya Watanabe SS 09 and CdG SS 94 in mind.

I'm definitely ready for Fall. Ignoring the whole 'school' part, I want to wear tights and layers and trick or treat and buy September issues and wake up early to see Spring/Summer 2010 (ten!!) collections online. Yes? YES?

photos via tfs and style.com