clearin up stuuuuuufff

Hiiii guys, hi. I have a huge What I Did on My Summer Vacation post in the works (with lots of factory workers and levers and things) but before we get into those SHENANIGANS, just a few quick things..

-Re all this LOVE Magazine cover bidness, the cover with me on it that has been going around the web is a mockup for PR purposes. I don't know who is on the real cover but I'm psyched for the issue to come out! Anyway, just thought I'd say before people commit suicide over a non-supermodel on a cover, to quote a commentator.

-I'm super behind on emails but working on it. But really, no response does not equal "Use my photos."

-The links of the lovely bloggers who tweeted about Darfur last Wednesday! It didn't become a trending topic but I'm so happy the word still spread. Another post in the works about a few changes to CWAC. It's about to become way more fun!

In other news, this Giles skirt is perfect. (ph source)

More later YOU CRAZY KIDS.