neopolitan dynamite

Remember that Napoleon Dynamite movie? It was all the rage~ in third grade. Then Juno replaced it. Now even Popeyes uses sketch-like fonts in their ads and it's just gotten annoying.
This outfit is a few days old but I rather enjoyed putting it together. I don't even like this type of licorice that much.
Thrifted dress and skirt, random jewelry and box and ribbon, Baggu bag, Slow and Steady Wins the Race shoes.
Yellow and black stripes, my bumble bee Baggu bag.
Pink and black stripes, random ribbon.
Tiny flowers, thrifted dress that secretly goes to my ankles (will hem..eventually.)
Boxes boxes boxes.
Beady blue and pink!

My hair has become a mop of wtf-ery. I think I'll just get it cut like Mia/Edie as it was when I first went short (really short) and possibly shave a little of it like Cole Mohr and then confuse the lady at the local bookstore even more (last week when I was paying for glow in the dark space stickers (that don't even WORK, ugh) she asked, "Hello young man, can I do anything for you today?" Actually, I am a man. I'm a 40 year old man, and I dress up my neighbor in clothes and take pictures of her. But don't tell anyone!)

I am officially swearing myself off shopping for a good few months after 3 purchases made in the past 3 days. Let's see how I'll do? Maybe I can make an exception for the Salvation Army though, I miss the workers there! And no one buy these so they'll still be available in a few months-they are the perfect mix of brown/chunky and girly. Or you could, y'know, buy them for me in color taupe and size 6. That way you wouldn't have to get them yourself.
Just sayin.