what's your name? devon? well they're just different letters! arranged differently!

Camp has started so I gotsta dress somewhat comfortably. Poopy!
Until I can be impractical again and actually feel inspired, random obnoxious musings about random people at the CFDA awards? Yes? GOD I KNOW MY BLOG IS SO INTELLECTUAL. 13 YEAR OLD PRODIGY OMG.
Moustache+purple plaid FTW.Hi old man, didn't hear you over the sound of how rad my bff Bernadette is. 3 years ago we did that thing where you donate $10 to her charity program and she sends you a ~*personalized*~ autograph. It came literally, like, 2 years late but she's Bernadette Peters, she can take her goddamn time.Oh, I love seeing someone wear the kooky clay bead Isaac Mizrahi dress to something like this!Again, no idea who this chick us but the Thakoon (?) dress looks like crinkly blue paper and I just love it.I am so so incredibly happy that Kate and Laura won womenswear designer of the year. Ugh, they deserved it, yo. I love how casually awesome they look too. And Kirsten Dunstydunstydunst (fun name) looks great in their tunic dress and those beautiful Kirkwood shoes. So happy for them!!If you've got a huge red Zac Posen dress and you're standing there alone, FLAUNT IT.Justin Timberlake will never be Zachary Quinto. And then Anna's all.. werq. I'm actually surprised she isn't jumping. Against a beige backdrop.
Also, emotion! How fresh! I'm sure it's the new thing for fall, along with menswear! And jumping! Against beige backdrops!!11!!!Never not awesome! Where's Karen though? *photoshops self in picture*
And HEY, speaking of photoshop, while I'm being extremely brainy and intellectual tonight, here's something an awesome chick named Sarah made:This kind of thing is so not good for my ego! From left to right, Rich, Suz, Spencer. Seriously one of the nicest things ever made! Thank you Sarah!