hay gurl

I was trying to find scans and articles from Sassy magazine for a project and found this shoot of Chloe Sevigny as Edie Sedgwick from Blair magazine. For a while I disliked Chloe Sevigny because I hated her character in Melinda and Melinda. Then I realized it just means she's a good actress, along with having fun style! Oopysdoops.
So so good, had to share.
Alllllso, I'm gonna go out on a whim and ask that if anyone has any issues of Sassy (before it sold out to Teen) could they pretty please pretty pretty scan them in (maybe send?!) for this project? Lots of fashion bloggers would love you forever and shower you with invisible Comme and McQueen! It's a lot to ask but couldn't hurt to try..
Also, another picture from LA that I'm just posting now because I suck at email! This is with Jenny from the Opening Ceremony store. I wish I'd gotten a picture of her amazing necklaces!
Ignore me. Awkard child is awkward.