Um, dudeeeez. I think it's time to tell sanity nice knowin ya and have a fun time Or somewhere anal and smart. Oh god, school! How do I go back there in the fall after this? Kerazy plans are in the works right now. I don't want to speak too soon but I do enjoy being annoying and secretive. Meh meh meh meh meh.
So much to catch up on. These are pictures I took of how to wear these striped American Apparel shorts for the Weardrobe Closet. I took out items from that place over a month and a half ago. Fail.childhood closet button down and top. slow and steady wins the race sunglasses. f21 headband.
Took these so long ago I can't even remember the thought process! No clue why I matched these things together but whatevs.
vintage top and scarf. f21 glasses.
uo top and necklace. jewel osco socks. thrifted shoes. vintage givenchy sunglasses.

LA was a month ago and I still have the second half of the trip to cover. Oopsydoops. I am half busy, one fourth lazy and one fourth trying to not spend as much time on the computer. I just bought lots of new books and I want to actually read them.
WHOA, back up. "Books?" What's a "book?" Yeah, they're kind of strange.. sort of like one of those recordings on your iPod of people telling a story only on paper? I know, kids these days.

Before I go:
8 year old at camp: What are you singing?
Me: Single Ladies by mah gurl Beyonce.
Him: Beyonce? Hm. Never heard of her.
8 year old: Just let me know when you're done, okay? *plugs ears*

[insert dry bit about how kids love me, i really am just so approachable, etc., here]