saturday inspiration

I want to be printsy and clashy and colorful this morning!, it's half past noon. But whatever! School is out and I would like to take full advantage of the fact that I no longer have to wake up early or spend less time getting dressed. I've gotten so lazy with everything these past couple months-posting, outfits, uhhhh school-and now I can just roll with my homies, such as Cher and Brittany Murphy. What's Cher's real name again? Like, Vegan Alicia..something. Anyway, rollin with my homiiieees~~
(I would never sing that non-satirically, don't worry. Kind of).
Isn't it weird how some pictures you've seen a long time ago just stick in your mind? Normally not into leggings or visors but I guess leave it to Susie Bubble to make them look more perfect than ever separately and together. I almost despise how amazing this is.
So rad! Even the headlines look a little collagy, if that makes sense outside of my head.
This editorial has accomplished 1) making 80s clothes look way less tacky and completely amazing, 2) making the whole "Cali girl" theme of lots of bad editorials suddenly AWESOME by ignoring all the ~Hollywood~ settings, etc. that other magazines take too much advantage of. BRAVO. Also whooo is the stylist? So I can stalk them? And steal their brain? Thanks?
Resisting whole-world-in-his-hands pun, I hope you know. Would be cool to execute the color scheme and texture of mountains into an outfit.
Can't seem to find the source for this picture, let me know if you know..
It's such a cliche but there seriously are NO words.
Don't smirk at me like that, you clever and ingenious...creature of...pretty. Anyway.
New dress print, we are agreed? GET ON IT, CHRIS KANE.
Not printsy or clashy like, at all, but so so pretty. Perfect.

Don't know if I'll do Resort coverage or not, haven't been completely blown away by anything to be honest. I know resort is RESORT but so much of it just reminds me of what tan old people wear on cruises or what someone else would wear to be ironic at their friend's beach house. Just read Laia's reviews for everything, they match my mind completely except she's much funnier.

Happy weekend!