how did we not notice the ice cream RIGHT at the door ew slurpees

More LA recapping! A month late! Yeah!

So Sunday I went to the huge flea market with Suz and Rich from Weardrobe (sidenote: SO MANY awesome things in store in their cray heads. Seriously. They almost make me want to skip summer break ahead to September.) at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and, dear God, was it amazing. Completely exhausting but so worth it. I have never seen so much crap in my life. But I live for crap! I love crap! Yay crap! So it was just the right place to get a sunburn and spend hours at. Also, wacky coincidence that a comment from a lovely reader was what prompted us to go and that the same girl recognized me in line for tickets (hiiii Emily, hiiiiiiiiiii)

a very enthused rich

pooey, too big

The friends my dad and I stayed with had been a good 30 or 40 times and told us which sections had the best selections and deals. We went to literally hundreds, football fields of stalls and got a good haul. They picked up stuff for the Weardrobe closet and themselves and I was mostly “OMG YOU GUYS THIS IS SO COMPLETELY USELESS AND POINTLESS I NEED IT.”

I went a good hour or so without finding anything at all, then once I got something I just sorta kept all problems in this world, we can blame BARBIE. I saw this Skipper (her lil sis, duh) case from 1969, bought it for $8, then set off to find a dress with all the same colors from the case in it. Foun

d it, hyperventilated for a couple seconds or so about how awesome crazy it would be to wear them together, then put on a “what a piece of crap” face to negotiate the price down from $15 to 8, which still felt like a bit too much but it is really perfect).

time for a gogo girl summer

Also got: black crinoline, some pins, and some stuff for Laura and Kate.

Without turning this into a LET’S BE RECESSIONISTAS!!! TYRA SHOW ME HOW TO MAKE CLOTHES OUT OF DOG FOOD!! type thing, one thing I am completely glad to have been told before going to the Rose Bowl was how to negotiate. Some of the people are really weirdly intimidating but there’s really nothing to lose and every dollar counts, especially at a flea market. The c

rinoline was originally $5, which is not much compared to some online and store prices, but getting it down the 3 allowed me to get the pins. Keep a straight face and act like the seller is lucky enough to have you even considering buying a piece of their junk. When I was trying to get the price of the dress down, Suz jumped in and was all “Seriously, no one else here would buy this because it’s so small and would only really fit her,” so then I was all, “Yeah, we haven’t seen many kids here at all, kids aren't even PEOPLE,” etc. Which was partly true, though not entirely (Hi Annie!)

So all the crap was fun but being with Suz and Rich only made it mayyyyybe a billion times better. Then we were good little tourists and tried to find an ice cream place. We got slurpees instead and talked more about Weardrobe and blogs and fashn and etc etc. I don't think you understand how awesome these people are.

enjoy coke.

No comment necessary.

mustard hat!

silver peacock!

this little child was at one of the first booths we saw. as we made our way back to the entrance he was nakey.

ugh, there were SO many crinolines, i wanted all of them so as to fully emulate this.

so awesome

each one of these is worth 45 exclamation points



i honestly would have bought these if they fit

reminds me of rocket power-era nickelodeon for some reason
reminds me of a bike for some reason

tiny tin 40's shoes, so cute!

After the bowl my dad and our friend and I visited my great aunt and her daughter, who had so many great stories about when she was hanging with Bruce Springsteen and Robert DeNiro, and Joni Mitchell, and when she met Bob Dylan. *glances at shrine in bedroom* LIFE IS UNFAIRRR

Til we meet again, you crazy cats!