i just heard about this cool new band, The Beatles? apparently they have a new album coming out, Sgt. Pepper something. Nirvana is too, I hear.

Yesterday the rest of the grade went to a waterpark while Sophie and I biked around and began to care less about our sanity. At some point I realized I had seriously played hooky to spend all my money on books and pick up my new glasses. I would care but anyone that ditches to buy books and get grandma glasses is obviously 2 kool 2 kare.
Another reason not to care is that I got great books and I love my new glasses! One of the books I got:FIND IT. Here are some of my favorite pictures from it (the book doesn't contain much text, though there are a few interesting quotes and an intro I have not yet read) and I think I really ought to find a scanner right about NOW...
Hippie commune, like colorful Pugh.
He was just really connecting with the turkey.
I love this picture so much.
Jean Schrimpton and Trivial Man.
Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra at a black & white party.
Not surprised at the contents of Andy Warhol's shopping cart.
Ugh, so pretty.
Did I tell you guys that Spencer gave me (along with other awesome gifts) the same Tipi Hedren/The Birds Barbie that Laura and Kate have for my Bat Mitzvah? It's the coolest thing EVER.
Brigitte Bardot, sooo similar to the Dior commercial that uses the recording of her singing Moi je Joue. Awesome.
Men were so well-dressed!
There are no words.
One of my favorite pictures ever.

I looked at the new Vogue UK too, and almost bought it for this one really awesome feature where they asked designers, photographers, etc. to talk about one photograph that really inspires them. It was so neat. If anyone has seen it online, feel free to pass it on. BUT ONLY IF YOU'RE FEELIN' FREE, MAN.

And! New glasses! They make everything I wear look much more hipster and/or granny but hhhwatevs, they feel way more like me than the old ones, which were too reminiscent of my 5th grade phase in which I was obsessed with monkeys, cheese, and naming inanimate objects...The minidress and Yokoo hairbow will be up on CWAC like...soon? So much catching up to do, blerg T_T anyway I just tried to match up accesories that were the same colors as the hairbow. I might buy it myself because it's perfectly fluffy.

Ok,we have an HOUR of school tomorrow. THEN I'LL BE FREE, MAN.