damnit jim i'm a meerkat

WEIRD TO BE BACK HERE AGAIN. Gosh, it's been what, 4 days? TOUGH STUFF! Anyway, lots more LA recapping to do, but luckily it's the last week of school (fiuwaher874wehfsdkfsdhjkty348967twesidfvgsdhgjvkdshk
gtahrwetgjklywhswgijhateriutgh) so there's no homework etc. Something else that was taking up a lot of time in preparation finally took place-my Bat Mitzvah. It was a great experience and pretty amazing celebrating with all these people I only see on occasion and separately, all at the same place. I kind of miss the anticipation and anxiety though, honestly! Now I have to use my precious anticipation on school, which is unworthy of my pain.
I don't think I'll be posting many pictures from it since that might be giving out more information than I'd like, but this is what I wore, INCLUDING OUTFIT COMMENTARY!! *crickets*
The dress was bought 5 days before but finding it couldn't have been much easier-first store we went into, found within half an hour. It's from Loehmann's, which I'd never been to before/the name sounds like your neurotic Uncle Hershel's Bar Mitzvah suit store in the Bronx, but we figured whyyynot and I love the dress so much. My favorite part is that it looks like paper, but it did feel a leetle beet too flouncy-pretty so I added this Urban Outfitters necklace I'm borrowing from Weardrobe and my Obesity and Speed hair thing.
My new glasses weren't ready in time so these were taped/crooked but uh whatevs. I don't think I'll ever be 100% classy. Or 95. 50? Anyway.
The back! So pretty!Reminds me of Flinstones.Awesome, sad I can't keep it.
This is one part of my speech; the parts that actually deal with God and religion will stay off the net just because this..isn't that kind of blog? Yeah.
"..Take an article of clothing, for example. As I said earlier, the Nazirites wore just enough to keep them warm, believing that that was the wish of God. Over this past year I have become increasingly interested in clothing, and have developed a clearer understanding of the idea that clothing can be art. A girl in my gym class once asked me why designers put so much effort and money into putting out on runways clothes that no one would ever wear on the street, and for a second, I didn’t know how to answer. Really, there are two responses. Every designer is putting tons of hours and money into their designs, but some design on a more commercial level, and those are the labels we often do see on the street. The designers that interest me the most work just as hard, if not harder, to create clothing that is meaningful to them, to create art. There will always be designers that continue to focus on just the look of a collection, but I hope there always remains a group that pays more attention to their emotions or concepts. I finally answered the girl, and told her that designing can be like writing a poem, or painting a picture, or playing guitar. When people are passionate about these things, they feel as if they have to create. Rei Kawakubo, who many regard as the first conceptual designer and whose clothes can often inspire uncomfortable thoughts or feelings in people, is my favorite designer in the world. She doesn’t expect that many people will wear her tulle and lumps and masks for a day on the town, but clothing doesn’t have to sell, and it’s her way of expressing her inner values. Using fashion as self expression can go beyond wearing a shirt with a slogan, as clothing has the ability to evoke an entire feel, or atmosphere, or emotion, or world."

Yayyyy fashion. Oh oh, I haven't forgotten about Clothing With a Cause! Here are the OVER FIFTY items-some relleh old, some brand new-that will be up over the next few months. I decided to continue the project through summer until school starts back up again, since that was the main reason it was difficult to get items up consistently.Look! An outfit! It's been a while, and I truthfully still feel pretty uninspired, for about the third month in a row. It's superficial but I think I'm just tired of lots of my clothes and feel like I've made every combination with them I could. I obvz haven't but I have discovered and rediscovered everything in my closet/the old dress up box and I'm just too damn ADD to feel pleased! Luckily I have gift money to go shopping but I'd feel guilty since it would be due to the fact that I'm too lazy to be creative and wear shirts like pants and weird things I used to do. I'M GETTING OLD, KIDS. I DID JUST CHANT THE TORAH, AFTER ALL.BUT LOOK AT MY MOVES. YER OLD MAN'S STILL GOT IT.
Howeverrrr, the awesome people at Blood is the New Black sent over a few tshirts recently and I love love love them. No exagerrations! I feel more comfortable in them than I did in the beanbag chair in the corner of the room in second grade. Reading Junie B. Jones.
This Brian Lichtenberg tee is kind of a mocking take on take on the Margiela AIDS benefit one, which I also own. DO I SPY A SCHIZO TWO TONE DIY? I think so..
brendan donnelly tee. childhood closet skirt. thrifted shirt. anonymous agent necklace. baggu bag.

Remember Brendan Donnelly? OF COURSE YOU DO. This one was designed by him for BITNB and um, do I really need to say much about it other than I love it? I plan on wearing it for the 45 minutes of school we have on Friday. TEENAGE REBELLION AT ITS CLASSIEST. Anyway, angstangstangst. Just be glad I'm breaking the dress code with.. uh offensiveness and not spaghetti straps. Ew.brian lichtenberg tee. topshop zipper skirt. i heart norwegian wood cage skirt.

I love you, Brian Lichtenberg tee, oh yes I doooo. Karl is on the left bum cheek. And the back matches his shower!
...not that I would know what his bathroom looks like *shifts stalker eyes*

Doo doo doo doo, moving on..
This summer I have day camp, cottage time, reading all the books on my list, and dancing to S Club 7 while riding bikes and eating Ice Pops with Sophie. Also, wearing everything here:
topshop, opening ceremony.
What about you?