with your pockets well protected at last

It's crazy I haven't really been posting because with all the photos and LA stories I have I could easily do a good 10 posts if I had time. Why the hell is it not summer yet?!?!
Anyway, here are a couple more pictures from Laura and Kate's studio. Just in case you were starting to doubt their epicness or anything.And as if that wasn't amaze overload enough:

I snuck on the computer multiple times at school today to watch this. Trufax. I don't even know was Nosferatu is but I can still laugh/pretend I do. Also, I am slowly falling in love with Lady Gaga, and it's a little problematic. Today's outfit: Marc by Marc tee bought in LA, random ribbon/pin as belt, thrifted glasses and skirt. Ohhh, the case, you ask? No bigz, just a SKIPPER (BARBIE'S LITTLE SISTER DOI) DOLL CASE FROM 1969 BOUGHT AT THE ROSE BOWL FLEA MARKET WITH TWO OF THE MOST AWESOME PEOPLE EVER. $8, yo. I have a whole post I need to write that is completely dedicated to that amazing day. The inside of the case is kind of gross/might need proactiv but whatevs, I dig it.Thanks to Jessica for sending over this cool mesh braided necklace from her store, Anonymous Agent. When she asked me to pick one out there was no question I wanted the neon green "Lime Zia" to wear with the crossing guard hairbow I made. It's hard getting a good picture of a neon color but it is seriously insane in the membrane and pretty much perfect, especially with grey.

Ugh, I just realized how badly I want to be Susie Bubble, who often talks about how much she loves neon with grey and I'm pretty sure owns this tee too. Um.. don't people say great artists steal, though? So yeah. I'm just an amazing artist!!!!!!!! (kinda.) Or Susie and I can be neon/grey combo-loving, Marc by Marc tee wearing TWINZ...Oh Suuuuusiiiiieeeee....