So since I suffer from idiocy/never doing school work on time and am showing symptoms of becoming even more of a lazy bag of poo, the LA posts (and there are many lovely things to recap, once I've taken it all in myself) will go up some other time. This is pretty much the last REAL week of school (which of course means OH HERE DO A BUNCH OF PROJECTS AT THE SAME TIME) before all the games of Jeopardy and candy and the end-of-the-year field trip. Man, now that I think about it, the last couple weeks of school are almost pointless for me as I'm not even going on the field trip to some waterpark the size of Arthur's left nostril. Sophie and I are going to see Star Trek and this place entirely packed with zines, because it's more fun hanging out with weird illustrations and Spock than, y'know, people in our social circle that we can actually interact with. Oops.
As I've been writing this I've been trying to think of some type of image to post but now I figure I'll just post some of the pages from the zine I gave Laura and Kate. It bums me out that apparently people my age used to always make zines for each other and I had to explain to my gym class folks what one is!I love Neil Gaiman. And tiny worlds!
I also sleep in gym class, only I'm not in yoga anymore, I'm in field hockey. Gotta catch up on my hourz, holmes! That might be why it's one of my favorite classes, actually, since it's mostly lived in dreams! Go write that on a notecard in wobbly cursive and put it on Tumblr or something, next to a picture of a girl looking out a window and a Tim Walker photograph, and like, a video of the 500 Days of Summer Trailer and a picture of pink and yellow teacups.
My Bat Mitzvah is a week from Saturday (brb, hyperventilating?) so what with that and school there probably won't be normal posting for some time, which there hasn't been for the past month or so anyway. Unless I start blogging in gym! Heh.