i will choke you with my EYE.

Three days of outfits.
This is what I wore the day the Rodarte cardigan came (still recovering, btdubz. I write from a hospital bed right now) but obviously had to wait to post it. Ignoring the odd nature of leather skirts making me look like I swallowed Playmobile pieces for the second time (yes, there was a first) and the face that indicates I swallowed poop, I was kinda going for superhero? Samantha Pleet sent me some awesome clothes the other day (some to be sold on CWAC so keep an eye out!) and the shape of this skirt is just. too. good. I'm normally squinty-eyed about satin clothes because it can look cheap so easily but the rocket-ship-ish shape is so perfect, though not perfectly visible here.
Heels = handmedowns from mom's friend, didn't wear them to school because that would be so painful (and I really look like an idiot when I walk in heels. Mainly because, I can't) but the outfit kinda begged for them.
Weirdo leather leg warmers are the arms I cut off an old jacket.
Oh Arvida, the praise I give thee. My ye olde sucky english cannot express my eternal devotione to thee shirt.
Seriously though, I love it. When I wore it I received many "Is that a boy or girl?" "Are you a boy or girl?" It is SO FUN confusing suburbian children.
Made this bow from crossing guard belt stuffs and pinned a clump of tulle to my skirt. By now I'm in such a style rut the idea for each outfit is "add one weird thing so you don't feel boring even though zero creativity has been involved." Pretty much yeah.
So Ms. YOKOO sent me a box of lovely things- this hairbow and a bag for me to keep for myself, and TONS of clothes and stuff she knit for CWAC! Some of the things you can find in her shop, some she made especially for the fundraiser and you won't find again. Will be up hopefully Sunday- so much catching up to do on the store. Also, what are your guys's thoughts on maybe just selling it on a blog like so many bloggers are doing? Would that be any easier? I know some people don't like bidding or don't have eBay accounts, and it costs money to put things on eBay and this would be free. See Lulu's blog for an example of how I'd do it.I can't wait til it's summer and I can sit reading in my treehouse with a bowl of raspberries and my turntable right beside me all day.

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