bring cool ranch doritos (the blue bag) to 9th period tomorrow

What a crazy weekend.
Saturday and Sunday I went to Spencer's Bar Mitzvah service and party, KIND OF AWESOME. Contrary to hope/myth he did not sprout a Ginsberg beard immediately after stepping off the Bima but WHATEVS I GUESS WE'LL ALL DEAL. Dancing-wise, I was like Paul Rudd in Clueless. Also, hiiii Sheba/Billy/Misa/Celia, hiiiii.
And his dad sang Forever Young at the service which was something so beyond anything I can put into words without my foot going in my mouth (I think I've used that phrase here before but only because it can be so easily applied in my case). Really amazing.
Oh, then I learned about a bunch of people from Black River Falls, Wisconsin that all went crazy and killed each other in the late 1800s from a family friend. So you know, that was nice. Wisconsin Death Trip FTW.
Oh right, fashion blog. I WORE A BLAZER WITH TIGHTS AND CUTOFFS AND A BALMAIN-INSPIRED SHIRT!!!! Actually, a lovely yellow Samantha Pleet dress and this dress on Sunday. But that's not important! What's important is that Spencer will probz post about it soon (and if not, he's now obligated because I said he would) but you should all go to his blog anyway. Go! Now! *throws Lanvin bone*Today's outfit.. I theeeeeeenk inspiration is coming back? Knock on wood. This is one of my favorite outfits I've worn in a while, also the most seizure-inducing. The recent slow down in posts has been not just because of my incredibly busy and professional life of eating chocolate in science class while working on my science project of making Rodarte and Comme collages/talking to Karl about Bob balloons, but also because I'm just not that inspired. Why force it, eh?
Thrifted this shirt some time ago and am going to use the colorful fabric to make a skirt but so had to try it in its loony state first.
Tried to do with my skirt what Nozomi Ishiguro did with a dress from this picture from Belle's post on Nozomi but kindofafail. Will try it when I have more time. Everything he makes is perfect... as my wife (Belle, for the newbies) said, why the hell has he not gotten as much recognition as other designers from the CDG house?!?!? Oh, speaking offff, Spencer's friend Sheba told me about her friend's experience with Yohji and about how intimidating he is but I have a feeling I would be shot down with tulle rope and drapery if I told you guys of HIS WAYS~. I don't know why I gravitate towards all the anti-social designers. Pictures of Margiela have never been circulated like... ever, I don't think.Oh hi school friend walking by hi awkward waving
Hm, so the Met thang happening tonight. What I do like is that it's technically red carpet but still awesome with all the dresses because it's actual fashion and not a bunch of hideous ZOMG STYLE ICON gowns. Stuff that TV Guide would call a "don't" is actually awesome and I'm not the only one that thinks so.
Blossom petals are littering our yard. Don't you even care about the environment, tree?!?! Littering does harm to not only our world, but animals too! Just look at my poor poor dog.thrifted shoes, shirt, b/w skirt, and belt. childhood closet floral skirt. celeste stein tights via idk headband.