This is probably the last post before I go to LA from Friday to next Thursday with my dad to see some family and meet some people (nothing crazy, swearz!). I have a couple scheduled posts but I guess we'll just see. Anyway, yesterday's/today's outfits.
arvida tee/obesity and speed rip/silence & noise sweater worn funkily from weardrobe closet/i heart norwegian wood cage skirt/vintage crinoline/random ribbons and necklace/aa tights/thrifted boots------
weardrobe tee/samantha pleet romper/mom's old sweater/celeste stein tights/thrifted shoes/random necklaces
It's so damn green outside and I love it!
The first outfit was today, I think I'm slowly easing back into that crazy state where changing for gym is hell and I've stopped caring. The most insults from peers I've gotten in a while so I think inspiration is coming back...!
Second one I wore yesterday (o c how i messed w ur mind ther), supposed to be kinda pin-up/granny? The romper was a lovely gift from Samantha Pleet and I think I'll be wearing it along with some other stuff from her all summer because it's just the most comfy shiz ever.
Ohhhh yeah, the Yokoo bow? SRSLY LOVE IT. I never wear things two days in a row basically EVAR so that being said-

RUSSH was kind enough to send over their most recent issue and it's BEAUTIFUL. I want to cut out of it and plaster my walls with pictures of Diana Ross and Grace Jones (they have pages devoted to both. They are just. that. pro.) but it may be of my tiny collection of mags I don't cut out of (this includes Lula and the Vogue UK with that epic Demarchelier editorial, tulletulle glitterglitter ommnomnom)
So more people from school, teachers and students, are finding out about the blog and all, which would happen eventually so whatevs, at least they find out as the year is ending. In any case, thanks guys for being awesome about it- I find blogging is one of the dorkiest hobbies ever! Also, ignore the fact I had to thank you through a public blog and not in person. In case you ever thought I was, yknow, SHY or anything. Really just take your impressions of me from my outfits because I have nothing to say otherwise! Other than "stop changing the song you idiot" when we get to listen to The Misfits and Cat Power in science.

Bye guys!