i was so ecstatic i ripped the paper and then i didn't have a reason to be ecstatic anymore

O HAI GUYZ. A lot has happened in past days! Like, did you know Arvida got a tee up for sale? And so did Laia? Well well well, could this be the work of Tomas? No, just really awesome people that are great at design and who I want to be my soul. Hiiii guys. Be my soul.
Both of their stores went up last week, Arvida's first so I'll start there. Arvida is 17 and from Sweden and is more creative than your mom, even if your mom was the soulchild of Picasso and Tim Walker and everyone you've ever seen on BOOOOOOM! or how ever many O's there are. How selfish, all those O's. Anyway, that would be one creative ass soulchild, and Arvida is even more rad than that. I am NEVER uninspired by her outfits or photos and I knew her tee would be awesome but once I saw it I was blown away at how it pretty much just defies the definition of awesome itself. She played with the idea of androgyny which I of course love (hi FRUiTS, hi Mick Rock photo book that is baysiklee my glam bible) and took this picture of her guy friend (did I mention she's a fantastic photographer? And more creative than your mom? Who I decided is the soulchild of that 4 year old Martha or whatever? And David Bowie came into the picture somewhere? Who's going to Tokyo? WHAT?). The text underneath is "boy" in Russian, so once I wear this and people ask if it's a boy or a girl like they do when they see pictures of Grace Jones in my notebook I'll tell them to get a Russian dictionary. It'll be the new "your mom"-go get a Russian dictionary, turd.
Anyway, I played with her tee on Polyvore. If I had a soul I would sell it for all the clothes on this freaking site. But I do not have a soul. I am COLD. I am TOMAS.
arvida 1
navy navy
And Laia's tee, like she isn't already cool enough. First of all, lately I just don't see that many fashion blogs that voice actual opinions (of their own, not of magazines or editors or Cathy Horyn, who I hear likes plastic dinosaurs and hockey and hats) and can back them up. Laia, however, knows what she's talking about when she says she does or doesn't like something, which is very inspiring because I sometimes forget this is my blog and I can say it if I think Paolo Roversi is boring or the past Luella show just sucked. Her style is FANTASTIC. I cherish every one of her outfit posts and she recently did one where she wore my tee way better than I ever could. Laia is hilarious and makes me laugh, which, as someone without a soul, you can imagine is very remarkable! She is witty and clever and the nicest person ever. She brings out the poet in me, she makes me want to...pee? Ugh, I lost it. Note to Laia: you do not make me want to pee. Anyway, she did the idea of a necklace-like thing printed on a tee shirt, and did it WAY better than JC Penny or Avril Lavigne or whoever ever did. Lace is totally her thing and the details in the pattern are just so cool. It also looks a little hand drawn, which is just insanely cute and makes it way more charming.
laia laia!
Bloggers are taking over, dudez. And I kind of love it.
PS, if you ever want to get the facts and just the facts, do not read my blog. I do not lie but I don't give you just facts. I give you facts and what is the product of too much Tumblr browsing and sugar. Hyper hyper ramble ramble. Useless information flooding my brain!