singing the song that i was screaming

It seems I am most productive when I can't fall asleep as I made all of these very late the other night whilst talking to E about 90s Margiela and suburbia and some band called the "Jonas Brothers?" Ever heard of them? They do children's birthday parties, I hear? Very interesting, mmmm.
Anyhoozlbees (hiii jack black hi that one will & grace episode hii parenthesis don't require proper punctuation or capital letters hiii) we're about to get in a tiny trip before Spring Break ends and are leaving soon so here they are and I'll cite the sources later.This one makes me want spring, like, insanely bad.
Pretty self explanatory what this one's "theme" was, no? I love Vivienne Westwood because she also thinks that if you want to learn about fashion you have to read a BOOK and not a MAGAZINE because most magazines are too commercial and focused on popular taste. When asked about when people say that her clothes make the poor look rich and the rich look poor, she said they make the poor look rich of experience, like they have led a rich life and will go on to do even more great things; and make the rich look poor because they're not luxurious looking or snobbish. I love Vivienne Westwood.
This one was supposed to be a mix of like, futuristic and vintagey. Blue/yellow/pink, shinyness, safety pins going through your forehead. HI I'M//ALT//NO MILEY CYRUS YOU MAY NOT///MEET MY BAND//WE DON'T DO THAT KIND OF THING// (if you get that reference you get the lightning bolt of honor).
Fur is wrong wrong wrong but godddd does this make me want to feel differently=X
Blue brown rocks mountain yeah.
Bye guys!