are you there jah it's me ras trent

I got the new issue of Lula today and obvz loved it. It has way more articles and actual writing than past ones which I love because you have lots to look at AND read, and suddenly $16 sounds a lot less crazy. The last issue focused on those weirdo awesome girls that sit in the back of your high school class drawing Marvin the Martian and lighting their cigarettes using the rubber on the bottom of their Docs; dark characters like Wednesday Addams and Lydia Deetz and whatnot. This one focuses on the eccentric, kooky and young-at-heart grandma I say I'll be when I'm older when I'll really just sit around laughing at stupid youngsters on reality shows and using "I'M OLD" to make my tiny grandchildren get me things. And in 60 years-if the Internet hasn't become obsolete to like, floating heads of knowledge/the world hasn't exploded or burned-my grandchildren will read this EXACT post and suddenly lose any respect they had for me. So Moonbeam, Clair, Dylan, if you're reading this, granny needs some non-caffeinated peppermint tea and a pack of mini muffins. Fat free, please, doc says it's bad for my diet.thrifted blazer, striped skirt, cardigan. marimekko purse (on skirt). drugstore tights. vintage doc martens. mom's old shirts (purple one worn as skirt.) f21 glasses.
Lula is also great at showing how you can draw inspiration from anywhere- they have these awesome watercolor paintings, collages, some chick that built huge dollhouses in the middle of East Jesus, Nowhere. One of my favorite features is the one on Little Edie Bouvier, and my least favorite is probz the one where Erin Fetherston interviewed because she just annoys me. Look at me! I'm whimsical! This probably means I also slaughter puppies in my spare time and sit on orphans! But let's not assume or judge or be negative, I'm BEYOND THAT.
One thing Lula continues to do with lots of their editorials is make them SUPER blurry. I know their thing is "dreamland" etc but when you do a feature about some chick and have a load of models modeling her clothes, clearly to promote the clothes, but you make it so blurry I can't SEE THE CLOTHES, we have a bit of a problem, and it requires me hitting the caps lock key, which is far too much work, and we all know I hate work. Nevertheless, worth the $16. Can always depend on Lula. Ily Lula. Come have some fat free blueberry muffins.
So I dressed super girly/kinda Luella-inspired today in honor of this life changing event. Note how such a thing makes me act like a possesed buck-toothed cretin.So I've decided to stop thinking "hey someone should design this and then I can buy it from them with whatever crap I have in my pocket (half a car sticker, paper clip, old gum, yes I pretend I'm a character from Arthur)" and actually try making stuff myself. Revolutionary idea, I know. Sewing machines are evil and out to kill me so I think I'll do it all by hand. Wish me luck (hardee har har.)
Lots of tulle, and that neon crossing guard reflector stuff to make a huge hairbow, White Lightning styyyyle.
I also decided to look through the dress up box we have in our basement since the last time I did so I had different ideas of what I consider to be wearable.
Gonna use the fabric from this hat to make another hairbow.
These just BEG to be made into some time of psycho headpiece as well. Or possibly permanent glasses frames.
These just barely fit and I'm mad I didn't find them before my feet mutated but they are the perfect witchy boots.
Oh look at me I'm an awesome magenta hat I'm too big-headed (lol punz lol) to fit on top of the turntable I'm so extreme and next levz I require a hand to hold me up whoaaaa come hail me hail me little people
These actually fit me and are not hard to walk in so uh yay for the first slightly feminine pair of shoes I own.
And if you've gotten to the end of this post since it's so freaking long, let me present the awesome boots Rumi sent me as your award! (what, I reward myself with looking at pretty shoes I don't own! No fr srs, I do. Everyone should follow this tumblr.)
I could live in these things. Comfy beyond belief and go with everything my floral docs can't. Looky, an outfit!charlotte rouse blouse. thrifted flannel and calvin klein scarf. i heart norwegian wood skirt. blue skirt found in dress up box. drugstore tights. boots from rumi.
Time to work on my tulle project whilst laughing at Acara Efron. I'm going to read Lula right before going to sleep and hopefully it'll give me good dreams!