kristen stewart's face is much prettier when covered in swedish fish

Comme how I love thee~ seriously can't wait to try this shirt out with a black, ruffly cage skirt Angie has in the works. Rei said the collection this shirt is from and what the cage skirt is inspired by was about "bad taste." It's one of my favorite collections ever so I guess I have bad taste? Fear the tackiness.This week's main dressing concern is comfort (so lame, I know!) as it's state testing week and I really just want to be able to get through them without having to adjust any CDs sticking out of my shoulders or coat hangers around my neck. Ew rationality ew being practical ew common sense.So! This week will be mostly inspiration, methinks. Not from Milan though, of course not. I woke up this morning croaking "ppaaaariiiissss."
I did like these shoes from Pollini though and can totally picture someone like Susie rocking them.And if you can find a cheap black dress and a bunch of colorful grain/pillar-like patches, you've saved yourself hundreds of dollars.
comme des garcons top from laia. pipettes tee. cdg x h&m jacket. skirts, gift. h&m tights. slow & steady wins the race shoes.