when i was little i was scared of markers because i thought they had teeth so i ate one and then i wasn't scared anymore.

We spoke about fears today. That one wasn't mine, but I kind of love it. Another girl's was the Rainforest Cafe frog. We spoke about confronting our fears but it's not like I'm going to go up to an axe murderer holding a knife in a dark alley and say, "Hey, how's bout a game of Cat and Mouse?"WHOA-whoa-okay-are those pants? Like whaaaa? I haven't worn pants since...well, Sunday actually, because I went ice skating (and didn't fall! I mean, I was going at about an inch per minute, but I still consider it pat on the back-worthy). But regardless of that...oh, well, there was the inauguration, but ignoring that...
The point is I haven't worn pants to...school...yes, school! since I think September. Don't know why I felt like wearing them this morning but whatevs, they're very comfy.The hat is vintage-I wanna say 40's?-from Devery. It's velvet and has these pretty little beaded swirls on it. Everyone was like, grabbing at my head during school. Poor vintage-deprived suburban children. I swatted them away with my skirt (worn as a cape).I look like a mole here. Or a groundhog. What's with this "groundhog day" everyone keeps talking about? And yesterday was some type of bowl? "Valentines Day" is in a couple of weeks? Seriously, this is all foreign to me. I live in my own world where Rei is my best friend and Margiela grows on trees and Nesquik plants grow in my backyard and I lived in Greenwhich Village during the 60's and have a collection of dyed crinolines along my walls and geography is non-existant (when Fashion Week comes I will be looking at my invites and crying, CRYING I tell you.)OH ps, I forgot to mention Teen Vogue to you guys. Thank you my lovely wife for the mention! Scans here.

mom's old pants. slow & steady wins the race shoes. idk trouser socks. vintage cape/skirt and hat, gifts.