oh pardon me, i forgot how sad your story about being forced to eat lots of yummy cookies is

I was delighted yesterday when a package from Kirsty Lee arrived in the mail, containing clothes she'd outgrown. You'll be seeing the other goodies when I wear them (so stoked) but my favorite was this pink ruffled frock. After seeing moohoop and Belle wear similar ones SO TORTUROUSLY epicly I'd been keeping an eye on one at a local antique store and one on Etsy (which I've sadly misplaced the link to). Dreams do come true?Perfect ruffles and color and bow and ENDLESS possibilities (it is so versatile. srsly. like I DIE-level). It makes me feel like a bird!
Today was strange. Our substitute told us his life story and my classmate turned pale and started yelling "he's coming" during gym.
Only in suburbia.Night night.