Haven't really gone kookoo for cocoa puffs over any of the Fashion Week collections, kinda waiting and putting my faith in those I know will not let me down (can you hear me, Rei?) Oh, but I DID go KERAZY when I saw THIS:IT'S LAUREL, YOU GUYS!
Oh, and some clothes.
I am infinitely proud. I give it a few months before she's on the cover of Vogue. We love you!!
(The dress is sweet too, but OMAGAH LAUREL. I mean, Belle and I didn't call each other to fangirl about the clothes, yknow.)

vena cava photo via style.com. she walked for jeremy laing too. and rachel roy. AND did the entire chris benz lookbook. GUYS!!! and probz tons more we haven't seen yet. this is like an 8 year old seeing the jonas brothers live for me. omgomgomg.