holy john travolta's awful accent in hairspray, batman!

I have decided to keep the leather pants. In a way I like how they're not skin tight, they're very comfy. Today whenever someone said something I didn't care to hear I imagined all the leather in my outfit interrupting, it was for some reason very amusing!
"Tavi, if you keep drawing whiskers and ears on all your Q's you'll have to redo you-"
"LEATHUHHHHH"A lot of leather for one outfit, but I tried to make it more businessy with the belt and playful with the polka dot shirt and hair thang. I sort of had this image of this AWESOME guy (found via Elizabeth's NYT article) in my mind when I got dressed but sadly no one will ever come close to the epicness that is JEAN-PAUL:he's the dude on the left...stop being so ridonksulously amazing and having cooler friends than me!And now for something Paul McCartney won't yell at me for (it's all vintage, okay?)! I'd like to remind you guys to ask before you use my photos. Intellectual property lesson: the moment you publish a photo on your blog, it belongs to you, and no one can use it without permission. A note about this and my email is in my sidebar, and if you've looked through my blog enough to find photos and write an article on it, you've probably seen the message. Recently I got an email from a magazine asking if they could publish an article about my blog, to which I politely said no since, well, they asked, and if you ask about whether or not you can do something it means you will accept a yes or no. A few days later I got a comment from a reader saying they'd seen me in the same magazine. Should I insert a "T_T" or express how dumb I find that in a slouchy lazy teenager pose?I hate being a mean old hag and having to ask people to take down one of my photos when they wrote something really sweet! Seriously! No one should take pride in being mean! Journalist people, I know "12 YEAR OLD BLOGGER" sells papers because apparently the youth is entirely composed of brainwashed Disney zombies and anyone below the age of 20 doesn't know how to think, but you need permission to use photos first.
I know it can be annoying when people state the obvious, but it had to be restated. Thanks guys. x