Thank you guys so much for the very helpful comments on my last post. My intention with the no-press promise I've explained before, and by reading the post you'll see that it is not at all a matter of thinking the press is not worthy of my blog. I didn't start this blog to get a head start in the industry or bring a lot of hits to my page, else I would be grasping more opportunities. Because of this, there really isn't any point in me taking press other than wanting to see my name in print, which I really don't have any desire to. I'm happy to contribute to an article creatively, but that's very different. I'm really grateful to be considered as the subject of an article, but I shouldn't feel obligated to say yes to an offer just because others would love to have the opportunity.
I'm 12. This blog is for fun.
Anyway, I miss summer too.
So what you need to do in order to fully absorb all the epicness floating around here:
1. Enlarge photo.
2. Memorize each and every person.
3. Put all 3 collages under your pillow when you sleep tonight.

photos via fruits&kera


Anonymous said...

amazing scrapbookmix of pictures...beaux. esspecially the whole bloomers things (middle one), i've been really feeling the "bloomers & frills" vibe. thx for having orginal & creative posts, way to Represent...
x'z & o'z

Alice X said...

fabbbulously dressed shorter people. i feel better now:)

Unknown said...

dude we have the EXACTSAME preferences, stop being awesome.


Anonymous said...

Done done and done. I am hopeless to resist numerated instructions.

Lovely collages, by the way :)

Anonymous said...
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Emily said...

Love the new header and the collages are fab!

Anonymous said...

Tavi you've got an AMAZING head on your shoulders, you're pretty much awesome. lol

Isabel said...

Those asian street style pics are KILLING it, Tavi.

Katy said...

You probably don't remember this, but once when I was AIM-chatting with you you claimed that you weren't that moral, albeit in jest, but even so, I would like to disagree with that statement. How you can manage to say no to the press is, to me, quite admirable because even though press were to talk to me I'd have no use for it, but the promise of fame would be too much - I'd have said yes. This isn't to say, "How could you give up oppurtunities?" but rather to agree with Emy, just in a much more long-winded way.

Anonymous said...

OMG Tavi! I was listening to "One More Time" by Daft Punk when i opened you blog today and your picture at the top of the blog - idk what its called - but the whole techno music somehow went with the pic! Love it!

<3 Sarah

Anonymous said...

Gah that neon outfit makes me swoon. It's so nice to see outfits this over-the-top, it reassures me that you can't push it too far...

Anonymous said...

By the way, all these "good wise girl, tavi!" are completely useless because she IS on a magazine, wtf she keeps play the part of the ethic girl (what ethic, then??) that refuses to appear on a magazine because she isn't interested in being famous , omg no, but in being creative, of course. What an hypocrisy...

fred said...


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Well said Arabelle. :)

What Not & I said...

These collages are so inspiring - I love Tokyo (actually japan in genral) so much!

Have you ever been?


Anonymous said...

just a random queston,(i ask alot of those)but where did you find that picture at the top of your blog?(a banner,if thats what its called?)its just lovely.

mariya said...

yay i mickey mouse japanese fashion it makes me happy
also mickey mouse your blog

The July Girl said...


Tavi said...

Thanks guys. Don't you want to meet all these people and raid their wardrobes, like, insanely bad?

Anonymous-I've appeared in articles in the past but haven't been taking recent offers since November...

ashley-Yep, it's called a banner. Mine is a photograph by Lina Scheynius and I got it off

Tavi said...

Actually, what I said to Anon isn't completely true. Journalists have emailed me since, making it clear they would go ahead and publish an article whether I did an interview to go along with it or not. I took a couple interviews so I would have more control in what was written and they wouldn't print something false.

Tavi said...

**Also, journalists have written about me without my consent, which was what my last post was about.

Tania said...

oh, i love japanese street style! it is so amazing and out there. do you want to visit ever?

The Stylish Wanderer said...
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The Stylish Wanderer said...

oh, i like the first board.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

and, im confused as to why youre offended if someone writes about you..?

whatever theyre saying isnt what you think about yourself is it? whatever someones opinion is, it doesnt make you that.

WendyB said...

I don't think I'd read your other post before. Good one. Of course you can't stop people from writing about you, but you certainly don't have to participate if you don't want to. Having to read about yourself in the press can be very stressful, and I'm saying that having been on both the writing side and the written about side. People frequently feel that the article doesn't represent them properly -- but how could one article capture all the complexities of a personality. I've known people four times your age who have been completely rattled by articles about themselves -- including articles that everyone else in the world sees as very complimentary. I've had long conversations with people trying to get them to see how immensely flattering an article was, but they only focus on the one sentence that wasn't glowing.

bobb said...

Heya Tavi it's Bob - will just use my Google ID now - Wendy is right on point here - I've been interviewed a couple times myself - it is easy to focus on the one non glowing sentence - and almost everything I've read about you is highly complimentary.

Jason said...

Hey Girl you really know how to look great things! Lov your posr (L)

miriam said...

i really like your unique oufits
nothing different from what everyone else says
pretty dammm sure
but i just like you vintage fashion photography....
although i love going through this blogs i never really dress like that...
i am more into photography yo ucould say
and i recently started a blog in november
to the point i guess is that you could say that some photos of yours are what somewhat inspire me...
you have guts for a twelve year old
and that is unique....
i am reader of yours...
oh and my name is miriam
if you can visit my blog
would totalyy luv it.

Kylie said...

Way to represent! Your intentions are completely understandable and respectable, no proffesional "journalits" should be stealing pictures and writing things without permission. That's just wrong.

...Memorizing the faces.... blending in with the jumbled math junk in my head.... seeing visions of harajuku girls to the power of pi...
The horror

btdubs, loving the new header ;)

Shelley Noble said...

Tavi, you are my hero.

Did you see the fantasy fashion posted on Ulla's blog today?

Photos by Tim Walker From Vogue Italia January 2008, via Foto Decadent.

Thought you'd dig.

July Stars said...

Great Tavi write-up in French Vogue! International superstars girl ... Bisous

Naomi said...

Hello Tavi,
You MUST take a look to the fabulous pictures books FRUITS and FRESH FRUITS.
I think you will enjoy them !

Unknown said...

Personally, I think your position and the way you are sticking up for yourself is admirable.

Unknown said...

Thats a really admirable position you take on press..... but you deserve the mentions anyhow....

Vanessa said...

I've just started reading your blog, and I want you to know that you absolutely inspire me.

gretchen said...

tavi- you've gotta check out the tights here

so fun i could definitely see you in those gold peacock feather ones!!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfits! I just found out about your blog and I think you are quite talented! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hey Tavi , how are you XD
love these pictures so beautiful

Bianca said...

sick collages
Some of them remind me a lot of your outfits :)

Emily said...

I have only just started reading your blog and i still can not believe you are 12.
Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

sorry to ask this on your blog but do you think you could possibly invite me to I have looked at it forever but haven't been able to make one : (.

I love your site! I'm 13 and I love how daring you are.

Unknown said...

sorry to ask this on your blog but do you think you could possibly invite me to I have looked at it forever but haven't been able to make one : (.

I love your site! I'm 13 and I love how daring you are.

Unknown said...

oh my god.
how is that i am the same age as you, yet i look up to you, tavi?


Flashes of Style said...

I love the collages, truly truly amazing. I miss summer too!

Unknown said...

I absolutely loved your blog!
It´s amazing!


I loved so mutch that I may have to do a post about it!

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