you know a product is not government approved when "government approved" is written in comic sans

DC was AMAZING. I died a billion times. The car drive was long but totally worth it, and the inauguration was completely unforgettable.
I'm Not There, Bob Dylan? OH, but I WAS.This crappy picture took me about 3 minutes to make. If that's not patriotism, national pride, and devotion to ones country, you tell me what is!My dad's colleague got him two tickets, and everyone in our family were in major suck-up mode for the second one. I didn't get it (3 children, obvz couldn't give one the burden of being totally despised by the others) but it was fun regardless.purple states, blue states, united states, purple, y'know?
If you were watching from home you honestly saw more than I did. We were right by the Washington monument-I thought that from our view Obama would be a dot? The Capitol was a dot. If it had been a concert I would have been upset to be so far, but the atmosphere was just great. It almost was kind of like Woodstock, actually. Minus the nudity. And drugs. And people like Joan Baez and Jimi Hendrix (Pete Seeger did perform at the concert on Sunday though, also really fun). And the high temperature. And the tipis. Basically there were just SOMANYPEOPLE.I was mostly impressed by the 12,000 Port-A-Potties. This, my friends, is the change we need.
Even though it was a huge crowd it felt really close-knit. Normally that many people trying to get around in a city would probably be chaos and people would get somewhat rude and aggressive, but not on Tuesday. Also, ARETHA'S HAT IS MY DREAM CHILD.This is the best photo you can get when you have to sit on your sister's back just to see the screen.
Blog will be back to it's usual fashiony-self tomorrow. Time to get some zzzzzs.