you know what? i don't know.

The last pair of tights from my parents came last night and I died twenty billion times.
They're optical illusions!
Love love love them. They are INSANE, and shockingly versatile. Already have ideas for more outfits with them.
Now I can chop off your head AND hypnotize you, all at the same time. While wearing CDG. And shoes a couple sizes too big in -6 degree weather. Skill? No. SUPERHUMANPOWER?
Wanted to be all black/white, paired it with this stuff and spent most of the day with the coat off but forgot to take a picture of the inner layer. Whatevs. It was a black lace shirt and space-y kinda Margiela-ish belt. The white lace shirt I buttoned and belted as a skirt.
Since the skirt is so feminine and flowy I felt like more geometric stuff was needed, hence the paneled coat and geometric bug space fish round sunglasses, which I only wore for a few minutes during lunch while my friends and I acted like oompa loompas in the hallway. Only to be seen by a group of teachers, mind you. At least it was good material for my friend on yearbook staff. Me doing weird dance + making strange faces + wearing fish sunglasses + group of teachers looking on disgustedly=KODAK MOMENT/PICTURE I WILL TOTEZ BE SHOWING MY GRANDCHILDREN.This is my last post for a week or so as my family and I start the drive to DC tomorrow and I won't be posting while we're there. If anyone can recommend some thrift shops that'd be great, too *bats eyelashes and smiles and clasps hands together and offers eternal gratitude by holding what I call an Official Lawful Certificate but it's really just a Post-It that says IOU: Eternal Gratitude on it*. I'll definitely take pictures at the Inauguration (probz not outfit pictures though. Gotta pack light and practically (gross) and whatnot.) Either way I hope you guys have a wonderful week!

celeste stein tights via slow & steady wins the race shoes and sunnies. thrifted belt, top worn as skirt, and top (underneath). comme des garcons for h&m jacket.